The role of third parties in elections

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We discuss the role of third parties in elections. In the Ohio special election for Congress this week was nearly too close to call, and the final margin of votes is almost the same as the vote total for the Green Party candidate. With the midterms coming, this week’s contest has reignited the rancor some Republicans and Democrats feel for so-called third-parties. But those parties are pushing back, saying that they’re trying to provide viable alternatives to the two major parties. Our guests are party chairs who will discuss the debate about “spoilers.” 

  • Dave Sutliff Atias, co-chair of the Green Party of Monroe County
  • Kevin Wilson, chair of the Monroe County Libertarian Party

2 thoughts on “The role of third parties in elections

  1. George Phillies

    The answer is clear. The Democrats and Republicans should stop running candidates in races where they would steal Libertarian, Green and Constitution Party votes.

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