Death Notice: Libertarian Activist Richard P. Aucoin, 2/14/62-2/17/18

Long time Libertarian activist,  Richard P. Aucoin,  of Worcester,  Massachusetts,  known as Rich to his friend and family,  passed away on 2/17/18 of a heart attack.

Rich was a former Libertarian Party of Massachusetts candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2002,  and he also ran for the Waltham City Council in 2003 as a Libertarian.

Rich was also part of Carla Howell’s ballot initiative committees to End the Massachusetts State Income Tax for the 2002 and 2008 elections,  and he was also on her campaign committee to Reduce the State Sales Tax for the 2010 election,  where he served as a campaign spokesman for these issues.

Rich was also one of the founders of a local activist group called Act Now Worcester,  which urged residents of Worcester to resist any federal laws that violated the Bill of Rights.

Other causes and groups of which Rich focused were PANDA,  or People Against the NDAA of 2012 (the National Defense Authorization Act),  pro-legalizing gay marriage,  Oath Keepers,  Judicial Watch,  gun rights,  anti-war,  9/11 Truth,  and promoting the Free State Project in New Hampshire.

News of Rich’s untimely death received condolences from lots of people,  including libertarian luminary Ron Paul,  who said,  “Rich was a true freedom fighter … Getting to know people like Rich has always been a source of encouragement for me.”  (Click here and scroll down to see a scan of Ron Paul’s handwritten letter of condolence: ).

Friends and family of Rich Aucoin start up The Rich Aucoin Freedom Foundation,  in remembrance of Rich and to continue his work in the battle for liberty.

Here is a link to The Rich Aucoin Freedom Foundation:

Here is Rich Aucoin’s obituary which appeared in the Boston Globe:

Here is video footage of Rich Aucoin from 2001 which focused on the right to keep and bear arms:


3 thoughts on “Death Notice: Libertarian Activist Richard P. Aucoin, 2/14/62-2/17/18

  1. Andy Post author

    I met Rich Aucoin in Carla Howell’s basement in Massachusetts back in the fall of 2001 when Carla was running the End the State Income Tax ballot initiative petition drive. I enjoyed talking to him.

    The next time I saw him in person was once again at Carla Howell’s house, this time it was in her living room, in the fall of 2007, which was Carla’s second attempt at doing a ballot initiative to End the State Income Tax (this first one made the ballot, but it did not pass, and sadly, neither did this one).

    I saw Rich again at Carla’s house in the fall of 2009, when Carla was running a ballot initiative petition to Reduce the State Sales Tax. Her petition would have reduced the state sales tax from something like 6.5% down to 3%. She wanted to do one to completely repeal it, but she apparently found out that 3% of the state sales tax was tied to bond payments, so she was unable to go that far. This one made the ballot, but sadly, just like both of her attempt to End the State Income Tax, this would did not pass either.

    Anyway, it was either in 2007 or 2009 that Rich and I exchanged email addresses, and we corresponded via email every so often up until he passed away. Eerily, the last email I received from Rich was on 2/13/18, which was 4 days before he tragically passed away.

    Several years ago Rich became frustrated with the Libertarian Party, so he became inactive in it, however, he this did not deter him from engaging in small “l” libertarian activism. Last year he saw Adam Kokesh speak in Boston, and Adam inspired him to rejoin the Libertarian Party, and he told me that he was going to be a delegate to the 2018 convention in New Orleans, and that he planned to be a delegate to the 2020 national convention. I looked for him at the convention in New Orleans, and I was wondering why I did not see him there.

    Back in August I was looking through my emails and I wondered why I had not heard from Rich in several months, so I decided to do a search on his name, and that’s when I found his obituary. I was surprised, because he was in his 50’s, and I did not know of him having any health problems.

    I got in touch with a libertarian petitioner friend who lives in Massachusetts who Rich had actually recruited into petitioning, and Rich also helped steer him further in the direction of libertarianism. Rich met this guy while at an anti-war rally in Boston, sometime before 2007. This guy was going around the crowd handing out 9/11 Truth DVD’s. He handed one to Rich and they started talking. Prior to this, Rich had pretty much gone along with the official government story about 9/11. Anyway, this guy introduced Rich to the 9/11 Truth movement, and Rich introduced this guy to libertarianism and to Ron Paul.

    I met this petitioner in Rhode Island back in the summer of 2009, but I did not know that this person was a libertarian at the time. I heard about this person while in Massachusetts in September-November of 2009, and somebody told me that they were a libertarian, but I did not see this person again until the spring of 2010 in California. Fast-forward to late 2011-early 2012 when I was hired in a ballot access coordinator capacity for the Ron Paul campaign (note that Ron Paul got no help from the Republican establishment, and note that the Ron Paul campaign did not have the institutional knowledge about ballot access like the LP has), and I was looking for some good petitioners to work on petition drives to get Ron Paul into the Republican primaries in the states that had mandatory petition requirements for Republican and Democratic party candidates for President. This guy was one of the first people that I thought of to call, but there was one problem, I lost his phone number. I ended up calling Rich Aucoin to get it, and this guy came in and did a great job for the Ron Paul campaign.

    I had not seen Rich since 2009, and it is not like we communicated all the time, but he was on my list of people who I periodically corresponded with via email. I sent Rich my videos after I started my Libertarian Revolution YouTube channel, and he said that he really liked my videos, and he encouraged me to keep making them.

    Rich Aucoin was a good man, and a hell of a freedom fighter.

    RIP, Rich.

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