Caryn Ann Harlos: Preservation of Libertarian Party History

We are nearing the end of the budget year and need to raise enough to cover the historical preservation costs. We have raised about $1,500 and need to raise about $3,000 to be even. If we don’t – there is a chance we will not be funded next year. It is important that those who care about this project fund it so that it does not come out of the general budget. For gifts of $50 or more I have a free t-shirt for you while supplies last.

Please be generous, this committee always has to fight for its existence.

– Caryn Ann Harlos, Libertarian Party LNC Secretary

3 thoughts on “Caryn Ann Harlos: Preservation of Libertarian Party History

  1. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    You’d think Richard Burke would kick in a few thou just to cover the cost of all the file cabinets to contain his own shenanigans over the last few decades.

  2. Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

    Numerous people have put up history sites for the LP. Have you thought about doing a hub for local histories? That would also allow dialogue on what happened, which would be very helpful as there are alternative views on what happened and many people have great records which would provide fascinating insights. Just one of these begins with an article by Justin Raimondo on John Fund on April 26, 2006, titled John Fund vs. The Truth ( Justin and Eric Garris concluded Fund is a NeoCon shill.

    “In the early 1980s, he started working for Bob Novak and the late Rowland Evans as a reporter, then rose through the journalistic ranks to become deputy features editor of the Wall Street Journal and a member of the editorial board. He spent much of the ’90s rolling in the muck of Monica-gate and building a career as a 100-percent-certified neocon shill. He is now a columnist for the WSJ, where his latest screed against the admission of a former Taliban supporter to Yale appeared alongside his attempt to smear Professor Juan Cole and torpedo that distinguished scholar’s prospective appointment to the Yale faculty.”

    John P. SLevin, who has done ballot access work for the LP for decades contributed to the Fund story pointing out Fund has never been a registered Libertarian. Slevin’s letter is quoted, along with other early history, here -

    This is just one example of what is out there. Providing a central hub for history and dialog on history is our plan with

    The Movement has not done a good job in supporting some of its most significant activists, and there is lots of history on these. Eric Garris and Justin Raimondo are just two of these. John Robertson, who did amazing work with ballot access also has been overlooked. And no one seems to know that Sarah Foster Connor helped write the Statement of Principles with John Hospers. I have her phone number if you would like to talk to her.

    Good luck with the history, may it be deep and accurate! Melinda

  3. Caryn Ann Harlos

    Melinda, I would like Sarah’s phone number.

    LPedia is amassing a great deal of local items now as well, but it is not a general liberty movement site, but very LP-specific. Party-generated records will be there as well (all of the available membership reports and a great deal of financial reports are).

    We have raised $800 since that post. I have some original Badnarik campaign shirts that were donated (only have small and extra-large) for fundraising as a donor gift for $50 or more. We also have the retro shirts from convention (presently out of medium but can order more) for the same gift amount.

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