Maine Green Independent Party Finds Susan Collins’ Vote Profoundly Disturbing

The Maine Green Independent Party (MGIP) is deeply disappointed in Senator Susan Collins’ choice to support Brett Kavanaugh’s election to the Supreme Court. We feel Kavanaugh’s record, temperament and bias render him unfit to serve, and the credible allegations against him of sexual assault and aggression only strengthen that assessment. Senator Collins’ willingness to disregard those allegations is profoundly distrubing.

MGIP cochair, Niomi Larrivee Mays said “Susan Collins had shown us our current Democrat and Republican representatives are not voting with the people’s majority interests in mind. It’s time we stand up and back the clean, green representatives of the Green Independent Party”.

We stand with Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford and survivors across Maine who shared their stories with Senator Collins, only to be disrespected and ignored. Senator Collins placed partisan interests over the good of the country and gave a lifetime appointment to an unsuitable candidate whose views threaten the health and welfare of our citizens.

We will not forget.

Maine Green Independent Party

For Immediate release
October 8, 2018

Niomi Larrivee Mays,
Jacqui Deveneau,

2 thoughts on “Maine Green Independent Party Finds Susan Collins’ Vote Profoundly Disturbing

  1. Gina

    I’m neither from Maine nor a Green but on this we agree. Collins’ speech and vote were both shameful.. Shame on her.

  2. Seebeck

    This is why the Greens are basically irrelevant.

    By not believing Ford, Collins did not by extension disrespect or ignore victims of sexual assault in Maine. To claim so is collectivist nonsense, the idea that not believing one is to not believe all.

    The bottom line is that Collins didn’t believe Ford and nobody else, and Ford’s case is neither relevant nor related to any other sex assault case in Maine.

    These cases should be addressed, but one by one on their own merits without any association to evaluation of any other case. Justice would not demand any less.

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