There’s A New Political Party In Massachusetts!

We are pleased to announce that in the November 6th statewide election, the Green-Rainbow Party (GRP) statewide candidates earned enough votes to be formally recognized as an official party in the state of Massachusetts. The GRP expects to receive its elevated status later this month once the results are fully certified by the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Altogether, more than one hundred thousand voters chose Green-Rainbow in this election.

“I think people are tired of fear-mongering and the failings created by today’s divisive two-party system,” said Juan Sanchez, the GRP candidate for Secretary of State and the first Puerto Rican to qualify for inclusion on the state ballot. “In Massachusetts, voters are extremely independent-minded. They really responded to our inclusive, grassroots campaign and my progressive stance on voter and election reform.”

“On the campaign trail, I met a lot of voters looking for a party that truly reflects their values – a world where PAC and corporate money doesn’t dwarf any individual’s vote,” stated Jamie Guerin, the GRP’s candidate for State Treasurer. “The Green-Rainbow Party has always sided with the 99% and we strive to address the growing social and economic inequalities inherent in the current political system. We live to challenge the status quo, champion peace, save the planet and create a better world for our children.”

“I ran for State Auditor on the Green-Rainbow ticket to be an independent watchdog over state agencies, spending and unfunded mandates,” said Edward ‘Jed’ Stamas. “It is time to hold Beacon Hill to a higher standard for critical initiatives such as health care, education, housing and more.”

With 99% of the vote reporting, both Sanchez and Guerin received more than the 3% of the vote required for official party status in Massachusetts. In their three-way races, they were chosen by 3.8 % and 3.5% of the electorate respectively. Stamas, in a 4-way race, won 2.6% of the vote.

Another bright spot in the Green Wave sweeping Massachusetts was the performance of the three GRP candidates who ran for State Representative. In his first election bid, Matthew Moncreaff of Princeton received 22% of the vote in the 1st Worcester District – the second highest percentage ever received by a GRP state house candidate. Danny Factor, a member of the Action Commission on Disabilities, received 10% of the vote in the 14th Middlesex District and first-time candidate Yasmine Khdeer received 3% of the vote in the 2nd Worcester District.

“I think the GRP state house candidates received so many votes because there is no excusing the actions of the current politicians funded by big money donors. Although the state house is 80% Democrat with a veto-proof majority, they have refused to pass legislation guaranteeing health care and housing for all, halting climate change, ensuring safety for undocumented immigrants and creating equity in education,” said Factor. “The average person knows that we can do much better with GRP candidates who are not beholden to corporations and PACs.”

Earlier this year, the GRP elected 3 candidates to municipal offices throughout Massachusetts. Currently there are 14 GRP members holding elected or appointed office in Massachusetts, and there are 168 Green Party members holding elected office nationwide.

The Green-Rainbow Party stands for people, peace and the planet over profits. Its platform prioritizes ecological wisdom, social justice, equal opportunity, nonviolence, diversity and community-based economics. For more information, visit

12 thoughts on “There’s A New Political Party In Massachusetts!

  1. Tony From Long Island

    What was wrong with just “Green Party?” Is this something completely different or just a longer, more hyphenated name?

  2. George Phillies

    Merger of Green and Rainbow aprties. There is also a Green Party in Massachusetts. They are smaller. The name is no different that the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party in intent; it shows a merger of equals.

  3. Richard Winger

    The Green Party got enough votes in Massachusetts in 2014 to be on. But in 2016 they lost their spot because the only statewide race up was President, and Jill Stein couldn’t get 3%. So now they are back again, but will need to get 3% for either president or US Senate in 2020, as will the Libertarian Party.

    Massachusetts badly needs lobbying to fix its stupid ballot access laws. The vote test should be altered so if it is met, that lasts for 2 elections, not just one. Other states with that good provision are California, Colorado, Illinois if it’s met for Governor, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine (registrations), Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia. Also in Wisconsin a party always gets a free ride in a presidential year.

  4. William T. Forrest

    I wouldn’t really call it a new party when it’s just the same old party that just got recognized by the state again after an absence from the ballot. Especially with an exclamation point in the headline. It seems like a lot of IPR headlines recently, especially about the Green Party, are lacking in journalistic objectivity and sufficient descriptiveness.

  5. George Phillies

    Articleiscorrect. Commenters, nto always. The Massachusetts Green Party did not get major party status. The Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party got political party status. Those, by the way, are two different political parties.

    Sympathies to Massachusetts Green-Rainbow party activists on wrecking your chances of putting candidates on the ballot in 2020.

  6. Richard Winger

    The Massachusetts law on how a member of a small political party gets on his or her primary’s ballot are virtually the same as the Arizona law on the same subject. I predict the Arizona law will be held unconstitutional by the 9th circuit in a few months. That will be a persuasive precedent to use against the Massachusetts law.

  7. George Phillies

    Major party -> “Political Party”
    Minor Party -> “Political Designation”

    So “Green-Rainbow” is new as a party.

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