Tomorrow is Election Day in Indiana

Don’t Forget to Write-In “George Wolfe” for Secretary of State on Tuesday, November, 6.

Verify your voting location and hours on the state website and take your ID!

Here is a video showing how to write-in George’s name on an electronic voting machine:

This was recorded in Marion County and will likely be slightly different in your area. No matter if your ballot is paper or electronic, there should be a specific write-in option.

It is your right to take a picture of your ballot and we encourage you to do so. People are also allowed to pass out literature at the polling stations. You can find campaign materials for Dr. Wolfe here.

“This year, I have had the honor of representing the Indiana Green Party as their candidate for Secretary of State. I chose to ally myself with the Green Party because I personally resonate with its core values of grassroots democracy, ecological wisdom, social justice and nonviolence.”

From: How to Heal our Democracy by Dr. Wolfe

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