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Jim: Libertarians set new third party record for ballot access coming out of 2018 midterm

Another infographic from Jim from his dataset at illustrates the new record Libertarians set for alternative (“third”) party ballot access coming out of 2018 midterm:

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Based on this and subsequent email discussions the states which the LP will need to petition or add voter registration to be on the next presidential ballot in are:

AK (several hundred voter regs will be needed), AL, AR, IA, IL, OH – maybe, maybe not; informally it has been reported that SOS will not side with us but Richard Winger believes we have a good legal case, MD – may be won thru a lawsuit, ME – may be won thru a lawsuit, MN, ND, NH, NJ, RI, PA, TN, VA, WA and WI. CT ballot access is on a race by race basis and presidential ballot access was retained by the last presidential ticket.

The improvement in the number of signatures needed is more dramatic than the number of states, because two of the hardest states (OK and NY) have LP ballot access retention for the first time and the number of signatures in PA has been substantially reduced. The most difficult state remaining using the easiest method to get presidential ballot access for the LP is Illinois with 25,000 valid signatures, with the next most difficult numbers being 10,000 valid signatures each in Arkansas and Maryland.

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  1. Jim Jim December 8, 2018

    I’m going to update that in a month or so.

  2. paulie paulie December 30, 2018

    Looking forward to it.

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