Maine Green-Independent Party gives thanks …

Portland, ME – This holiday season, many of us are celebrating our communities and all that we have to be thankful for. We would like to take this opportunity to give our thanks to our candidates for state representative. Our 2018 Maine Green Independent Party nominees did incredible work in promoting our vision and values in their communities.

Here are their vote totals:

Andrew Howard, H.D. 1 – Kittery (part)
1,234 votes, 29.8%

Justin Reinhardt, H.D. 21 – Alfred, Limerick (part), Newfield, Parsonsfield (part) and Shapleigh (part)
367 votes, 8.4%

Kate Schrock, H.D. 44 – Falmouth
287 votes, 4.9%

Kimberly Pfush, H.D. 61 – Lewiston (part)
72 votes, 2.8%

Robin Downs, H.D. 101 – Hampden, Newburgh
265 votes, 6.2%

Jaco Bebop Deertrack, H.D. 119 – Abbot, Beaver Cove, Bowerbank, Greenville, Guilford, Monson, Parkman, Sangerville, Sebec, Shirley, Willimantic plus the unorganized territories of Blanchard Township, Northeast Piscataquis (including Barnard and Elliottsville Townships) and Northwest Piscataquis
116 votes, 3.2%

Running for office is a rewarding experience that can connect you to your community. If you are interested in running for public office, please contact us.

We also wish to thank State Rep. Ralph Chapman (G–Brooksville), who represented our party’s interests in the Legislature as our Green Independent House minority leader. Chapman, whose term ended this month, fought corporate welfare and stood up to the deregulation of environmental standards for corporate mining.

We are thankful that Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) prevailed twice at the ballot box and was upheld as constitutional this week by U.S. District Court Judge Lance Walker. RCV is going to change democracy in our state and allow people to vote for the candidate they really want. It is a game-changer for us!

Finally, thanks is owed to all of YOU, who make the Green Independent Party an important voice in transforming public policy in accordance with our Ten Key Values.

Thank you for helping our party grow. If you wish to support us financially, please donate.

We look forward to continuing our work with you in the new year,
Maine Green Independent Party

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