Working Families Party Had Lowest Gubernatorial Showings in Twenty Years

Ballot Access News:

The Working Families Party received its lowest share of the vote in gubernatorial elections last month since 1998. In Connecticut, where it has only been participating in gubernatorial elections starting in 2010, it was outpolled by the Independent Party, and so drops to fourth line on the ballot. Its three showings in Connecticut for Governor have been: 2010 2.30%; 2014 2.27%; 2018 1.27%. All three times it nominated the candidate who was also the Democratic nominee.

In New York, its gubernatorial percentages have been: 1998 1.08%; 2002 1.98%; 2006 3.50%; 2010 3.33%; 2014 3.31%; 2018 1.83%. All six times, it nominated the candidate who was also the Democratic nominee. The 2018 percentage is still unofficial; New York hasn’t posted its official returns yet.

In 2018, the only other Working Families gubernatorial nominee was in Oregon, where the party also nominated the Democratic nominee. In Oregon, the ballot does not let voters choose which party to support in fusion races; there is only a single square on the ballot so the Democratic vote can’t be separated out from the Working Families vote.

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