Libertarian PAC Recruiting Virginia Candidates

After a five year hiatus, the Libertarian Booster PAC is operational again and recruiting candidates in several Virginia races.

Although 2019 isn’t normally thought of as an election year, Virginia elects House of Delegate members (equivalent to a state house of representatives) every odd year and its Senate is elected every four years. Both houses of the Virginia legislature are up for election this year.

The Libertarian Booster PAC put out a release on April 30th offering assistance to Libertarian candidates in Virginia and encouraging more to run. That same release stated that approximately six individuals will run in a race for delegate this year.

Based on financial disclosure documents filed with the Texas Ethics Commission, It appears the PAC was re-started after a $50,000 donation from a California donor who has previously donated large amounts to Libertarian PACs.

In 2013, the PAC was also active in the Virginia elections, during which six candidates ran for delegate seats and Robert Sarvis, the Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate that year, won more than 146,000 votes, 6.5% of the total vote.

Founded and beginning operations in early 2012, the PAC was originally founded by Wes Benedict, the now-former executive director of the Libertarian National Committee and Arthur DiBianca, who is also a former employee of the LNC.

Throughout 2012 and 2013, the Libertarian Booster PAC recruited and supported candidates in Texas and later Virginia. This was done by supplying websites, yard signs, and other campaign material to candidates.

In 2014, the PAC announced it was suspending operations, presumably as Wes Benedict had taken the reigns as Executive Director at the LNC once more.

More information on the Libertarian Booster PAC and its history can be found at its website at

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