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Libertarian Party Makes A Financial Turnaround

The Libertarian National Committee, based on recent Federal Election Committee (FEC) reports, appears to have made a financial turnaround.

The Libertarian National Committee, also known as the LNC, ended 2018 with $13,728 in cash on hand and almost $150,000 in debt and obligations owed to other entities. These debts included more than $50,000 owed to the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans for the 2018 convention, $27,702 to Blackbaud for the annual licensing of software used by the LNC, and various other debts owed to 18 other vendors and contractors.

Based on recent FEC reports filed in May, as of April 30, 2019, the LNC had $59,738 on hand and only $8,511 in debts owed. Among the debts paid off over those four months appear to include the bills from the 2018 national convention in New Orleans.

This turnaround in finances places the LNC on solid financial footing as it progresses into the summer. This year, relatively few offices are up for election, aside from some local offices, special elections, and gubernatorial elections in three states.

A look at previous non-election year finances for the LNC shows it has raised more year to date in 2019 than it has at this point in 2017, 2015, or 2013. However, reports show that the LNC has less cash on hand at this point in 2019 than it did in 2017, 2015, or 2013.

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  1. paulie paulie June 23, 2019

    And generally agreed, I should add.

  2. paulie paulie June 4, 2019

    It hasn’t disappeared, it’s posted.

  3. George Phillies George Phillies June 3, 2019

    My comment has now disappeared from here twice.

  4. George Phillies George Phillies June 3, 2019

    The Hyatt Regency Contract had terms that made it financially advantageous for the LNC to postpone payment and use the money for politics. As is well known, that was a national chair decision. The expectation was that the debt would be paid off post-election, which it was. Note the huge progress to date, relative to the comparable year 2015, for which the leadership of Nick Sarwark, Wes Benedict, and Lauren Daugherty, and the hard work of the wisely increased staff, is to be credited. Largely finishing cleaning out the elected LNC — some progress remains to be made — has also been of positive benefit.

    The LNC could work harder on improving its subcommittee structure, though progress has been made there, too.

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