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Marianne Williamson Announces She Will Not Run as a Third Party or Independent Presidential Candidate


In the video linked below, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, spiritual leader Marianne Williamson, who ran for Congress in 2014 as an Independent, tells Fox News’ Martha MacCallum that she will support whoever wins the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, even if it’s not herself.  Williamson says she will not run as an Independent or for the nomination of a third party.

During the 2014 election, Williamson ran as a progressive Independent candidate for California’s 33rd congressional district.  She received endorsements from former Minnesota  governor Jesse Ventura, former Congressman and Cleveland mayor Dennis Kucinich, former Congressman Alan Grayson, and performer Alanis Morissette.  In the open primary, Williamson finished fourth with 13.2 percent of the vote.

For her 2020 campaign, Williamson has qualified for two Democratic debates. She was the most go-ogled candidate after the second debate, but did not qualify for the debate held this past Tuesday.  As of September, her campaign has raised $3,036,843.  She consistently polls at about 1 percent support in nationwide Democratic polls.


  1. NewFederalist NewFederalist October 18, 2019

    Makes one wonder why she does it. It also makes one wonder how she can raise so much money with pretty close to zero chance of getting any traction whatsoever.

  2. Fernando Mercado Fernando Mercado October 18, 2019

    To raise her issues in the Dem Primary, like Yang with UBI

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