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Green Party: Trying to shut us up with an “open letter”

The “Open Letter to the Green Party About 2020 Election Strategy marks the first 2020 salvo telling you and your fellow Greens to just shut up and submit to a fundamentally undemocratic system that was designed specifically to marginalize you. This steaming pile of cowardice and shoddy logic is especially disturbing because of co-signers like Noam Chomsky and Barbara Ehrenreich, who many of us otherwise consider to be heroes.

Chomsky and Erenreich have made careers out of describing how the powerful subtly coerce us into limiting our worldviews, our choices —the potential of our very lives— frequently without us even knowing. And so it’s chilling that even they would lend their names to a piece blaming you and me for what is unquestionably the product of a RIDICULOUS elections system and decades of bi-partisan servitude to War and Wall Street: the election of Donald Trump.

We need you to fight back today and we need you to give to the Green Party today, because this is just the beginning of their assault. The two-party cartel has marshalled their shills within Left spaces because they know that when Greens run in elections we break their stranglehold grip on what’s possible in this world and in our lives.

The backers of smears like this have nothing to say about Ranked Choice Voting and Proportional Representation, full public financing of elections and other reforms that would not just benefit activists in “third parties” but every voter who would finally be free to cast their ballot for what they actually wantand actually be heard! They have not and will not lift a finger to democratize our elections and lift the systematic voter and candidate suppression that goes on in this country every day.

They are content with elections that everyday people experience as an endless cycle of hopelessness, alienation and betrayal. Well, we are not. We fight to change that every day. The Green Party will fight in 2020 – we will fight every year and never stop because this is the fight for our lives. Help us fight back today with your contribution so that we have the resources necessary to field candidates and campaigns across the country for People and Planet Over Profit.

We would love to hear your responses to that so-called “Open Letter,” so hit us up on Facebook or tag us on Twitter with how you’re cutting through the Two-Party Racket’s propaganda, and tell us about the favorite responses you’ve seen.

And Keep The Faith!
The Green Party of the United States

P.S. we have to be prepared for scare-pieces like this to hit at least every month. You know what would help keep us strong, in the face of that? Your monthly contribution as a Green Party Sustainer. The propaganda out there adds up, but so does your support. When the many add up their strength against the few — we win!

About Post Author

David Doonan web manager since 2007 village mayor, greenwich, ny 2008–2016


  1. paulie paulie January 29, 2020

    The authors of this letter and Oliver Steinberg should consider that contrary to the way most people think it works, an alt party or independent doesn’t typically get votes that would most likely go to the ideologically closest establishment party, if any. Some people might favor the alternative candidate or ticket early on – and indeed, may only register to vote for that reason – but end up voting out of fear. The ones who stick with the alt candidate despite all the pressure not to do so are actually more likely to either stay home otherwise or vote for the ticket most unlike their position out of spite, believing things will only get better if they get bad enough first and trying to hasten that. Thus attempts to get alt tickets to self-limit by not contesting certain states or to not run at all are self-defeating, accomplishing if anything the opposite of what the people who make these attempts intend to accomplish.

  2. Oliver Steinberg Oliver Steinberg January 27, 2020

    Might make sense to collect your hot & hasty thoughts and reflect a while, before anyone reflexively rejects voting advice from those such as Chomsky and Ehrenreich.
    My perspective: 50+ years of petitioning and campaigning for insurgent and 3rd party causes; joined protest actions ever since Cuban Missile Crisis; placed on ADEX (FBI’s security detention list) at age 22; past associate of fugitives; 30 months in prison; etc. I’m no armchair radical.
    In fact, I have voted for an Independent or third party candidate for President in 10 of 11 past presidential elections, including in 2016. Have been a 3rd party or protest candidate 4 times, & often managed other contenders. Latest book read was Mumia abu-Jamal & Steven Vittoria’s “Murder Incorporated.” I’m neither naively idealistic nor blissfully ignorant.
    I do know enough to realize how much more I don’t know. And always I’m wary of the “clueless” arrogance arising from class or ethnic privilege, unthinkingly generating political solipsism, personal insensitivity, and suspicion instead of solidarity.
    The late George Mosse, a refugee from Hitler who became a world-recognized historian of modern Europe, a scholar who spoke and taught about the Third Reich with passionate insight [and whose legacy established the G. L. Mosse Fund, to advance LGBTQ studies] wanted us to know and never forget that Nazis—intent on dictatorship—came to power by democratic means. In 1933, the Communist party was fixated on fighting against the Social Democrats, the Catholic party leaders tended to see the Nazis as a lesser evil than the Reds, and the Social Democrats and other parties were baffled by the Nazi “wrecking crew” approach—the Big Lie, the non-stop scapegoating and relentless demagoguery, the incitement of violence, the contempt for parliamentary and electoral rules.
    With hindsight, one wants to assert,
    “They could have postponed their own differences and united against the Nazis.” However, that kind of untestable proposition is neither history nor political science but only wishful fiction.
    But we CAN say that we are not OBLIGED to repeat their miscalculations.
    Here in Minnesota, I’ve argued and advocated for the importance and value of multiple parties for decades. [cf: “‘Radical’ means ‘Roots,'” Northern Sun News, Mpls., Dec.1988; “Third or even fourth parties play important roles,” Star Tribune, Mpls., Oct. 3, 2016; and innumerable press releases, handbills, and readers’ letters.] My third-party credentials go back to joining the vestigial YPSL as a teenager.
    Ordinarily I’m the first to scoff at the “spoiler” epithet—how can you spoil what’s already rotten? But this situation isn’t ordinary!
    Tyranny—a witches’ brew of fascism, autocracy, plutocracy, kleptocracy, theocracy, high-tech-totalitarianism, warlordism, even absolute monarchism—is sweeping across the world. Russia, China, India, USA, Brazil—virtually all the globe’s largest countries are forsaking liberal democracy. Plus just about ALL of eastern Europe; Israel and the near east; pretty much anywhere you go in Africa; the blood-drenched Philippines under vampire Duarte; roasting, revanchist Australia; Widodo prolonging Indonesia’s torment; the “power corrupts” contagion infecting Burma, Latin America, South Africa, etc., and England’s “mother of Parliaments” debauched to meretricious xenophobic embracery.
    If Mr. Chomsky and Ms. Ehrenreich and other progressives of integrity beseech us to forego 3rd Party allegiance this year and rally around the Democratic nominee to work for Trump’s defeat, I’ll continue to believe in their good faith.
    To people supporting minor parties, consider that your parties’ prospects for success depend on having at least SOME electoral rights and civil liberty. It’s true the Dems when in power haven’t defended civil liberty nor deviated from miitarist imperialism nor truly tackled global warming. We who favor peace, freedom, justice, and ecology get sold out to the point of cynicism, but generally under the Dems we at least retain the ways and means to seek those goals . . . and it’s always been up to regular citizens to learn how to stick together and speak out like in the 1930’s or 1960’s.
    The Thug party, however, undertook under Reagan a plan and a propaganda to ideologically reject and discredit the core civic values of democracy (equal rights, fair elections, decent education and economic opportunity.) They’ve used Fox News and radio hate-mongers to blend fear, greed, and force into a vicious political vortex. And as Lincoln once prophesied, trampling on the rights of others has made them the “fit subjects of a cunning tyrant.”
    Difficult decisions intrude into our lives. They are seldom resolved by glib denial or ostrich-like avoidance, or falling back on pre-fabricated moral formulas.
    We like to quote the beloved old-time Socialist Gene Debs who pointed out that “the lesser of two evils is still evil.” But Debs himself often implored his listeners to think and judge political issues for themselves.
    And in doing so, it’s not unreasonable to decide that, in exceptional peril, sometimes it’s justifiable, and even ethically imperative, to choose the proverbial lesser of two evils.
    For, in life, there can QUALITATIVE differences in evilness, as well as “quantitative.”
    As for those who have already started minor party campaigns for president—knowing in advance you’re foreordained “also-rans,” and yet also knowing there are lots of ways you win just by participating, without necessarily getting elected, and furthermore knowing that our rights are like muscles and always get weaker without exercise—here’s the ticket:
    Because of the Electoral College, an anti-democratic, anachronistic, and civically suicidal obsolete excresence on our Constitution, presidential elections actually consist of 51 separate elections (50 states plus DC.) This year, responsible and intelligent third party/independent candidates would earn more respect and attention for their seriousness and relevance by well-publicized acts of political modesty and restraint [“MAN BITES DOG!”]
    To benefit yourself, your party, your country, and your planet:
    Self-select your ballot access and file only in non-swing states where electoral votes are not in doubt. That’s still most of the country!
    This year—this fateful year—only somebody afflicted with a case of excessive, ecocidal egotism would risk unintended consequences in the Electoral College for the third time in six elections.
    p.s.: How about filing on a 3rd Party line for some down-ballot contests? I might do so myself.

  3. Fernando Mercado Fernando Mercado January 25, 2020

    Is the Ron Daniels in this the same Ron Daniels who ran an independent campaign for Prez in 1992?

  4. Melinda Pillsbury-Foster Melinda Pillsbury-Foster January 25, 2020

    While I whole-heartedly agree with you your correct assessment of the danger we face you totally ignore the opportunity we have provided to you. Want a real, substantial and solution oriented approach to Climate Change? Present it in debate on Interactive TV. Using far more primitive technologies in 1992 our first attempt to give unapproved candidates resulted in 38% for Ross Perot and 2% a day rises in the poll results of Jerry Brown, then an underdog, and Pat Buchanan against George H. W. Bush. What you need to be taken seriously is to be heard. Name recognition builds support for you and for your ideas. That, we can provide. Billionaires cannot break through the MSM. You have to go THROUGH it using the array of technologies we are bringing to bear. Open a dialog with both supporters and those who disagree.

    Furthermore, we predicted over five years ago what is now happening in Australia. If you live in California this is going to be happening there this year. We have to adjust to climate change to save lives while, at the same time, providing transitions which people can choose to ensure their own safety. Government is never going to take action in the best interests of ordinary Americans. Never. We, the People, must go sustainable for our economy and for Earth. Agree of disagree, put your ideas and SOLUTIONS to the test. Debate the issue of Climate Change. Sign up at

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