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North Carolina Third Party Candidates

In the wake of the March 3rd Primary in North Carolina, it would be beneficial to go over the Minor Party/Independent candidates running in North Carolina Elections. None of the candidates will going through a primary:


In the highly contested Senate Bid, two Third Party Candidates have filed for the Seat. The first being Cyber security expert Shannon Bray of the Libertarian Party, whose website can be found here. Bray previously sought the Libertarian Nomination in the District 3 Special Election. The only other minor party candidate is Kevin E Hayes of the Constitution Party, with no official Campaign presence online. He has previously run for NC State House in 2018.


The Gubernatorial race is similar to the Senate race, in the fact that the Libertarian and Constitution Parties have one candidate each going up against the two larger and more contested parties. 2017 Charlotte City Council Candidate Steven J. DiFiore II will represent the Libertarian Party and NC Constitution Party Chairman Al Pisano will represent the Constitution Party.


In the newly competitive Second District attorney and 2018 Candidate Jeff Matemu will represent the Libertarian Party, his twitter can be found here.

In District 5, three time Congressional candidate Jeff Gregory will represent the Constitution Party, his campaign Facebook can be found here.

In the also newly competitive District 6, newcomer Jennyfer Bucardo is running as an independent, her campaign website can be found here.

And lastly in District 11, 2018 Buncombe Sherrif Candidate arrested on stalking charges Tracey DeBruhl will represent the Libertarian Party and Political blogger Tamara Zwinak will represent the Green Party. Zwinak is notable as she has neglected the Green Party Primary and has thrown her support to Joe Biden. Her campaign Twitter can be found here.

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