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Update on 2020 Reform Party Presidential Race

I spoke recently about the state of the Reform Party’s 2020 presidential race with the party’s National Secretary Nicholas Hensley.  According to Hensley, historian Darcy Richardson, an IPR contributor and founder of Uncovered Politics, is still in the running to be the party’s presidential nominee.  Despite a statement in IPR comments last September that he would no longer seek the nomination, Richardson never formally withdrew.  His FEC filing with the Reform Party remains active.

Hensley also said that Joe Wendt, the former campaign representative for white nationalist Billy Roper’s 2012 Boston Tea Party presidential bid, remains in the race, as we first reported last year.

However, per Hensley, those two will not be the only candidates for the nomination. “We are working on some other things,” he says. “There are things happening in the sidelines.”

In 2016, the Reform Party nominated Rocky De La Fuente for president and was on the ballot in Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Mississippi.  De La Fuente received a total of 33,136 votes, the most for a Reform Party presidential nominee since Ralph Nader in 2004.

The party’s 2016 nominating convention occurred in August, which is the same month the 2020 convention is expected to happen.

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  1. Fernando Mercado Fernando Mercado March 28, 2020

    I just edited Wikipedia to have Darcy considered running again. He confirmed this to me in an email months ago, I just never got around to formally saying it

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