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Adam Kokesh: Stimulus Checks Are Here!

2020 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Adam Kokesh sent out the following fundraising pitch today about how supporters can spend stimulus checks the federal government handed out:

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There are some libertarians out there that really hate taking anything from government.

I am not one of those libertarians!

My good friend Prof. Walter Block has written extensively on the issue, a good overview of his arguments on ethically taking from the government treasury can be found on the Mises Institute’s website HERE.

The long and short of it is simple: You are just taking back what was yours to begin with. Even if you weren’t the one being taxed for the money, it’s still ok, because the money is more ethically placed in your hands than in the hands of people who supported the system that stole it in the first place.

Still, there are feelings of guilt that for some are unavoidable. I have a fix for that too!

Take as much as you can from government. Take everything they are willing to give you or you are able to acquire (as long as you are not encouraging more systematic theft), then if you ever feel like you’ve received more than your fair share, put that money towards libertarian activism!

It’s poetic really… The state funding its own demise after thousands of years of people forging their own chains.

And if you don’t know where that money is best sent, I have a suggestion!

Donate to the campaign!

We turn Federal Reserve notes into FREEDOM!

We are the only candidacy that has a real plan for ending this whole charade.

And the more Trump keeps opening his mouth about how he has “absolute authority”, the better our platform of localization will play out across the board.

Spend the money on whatever you want! It was your money to begin with.

I just want you to know, we have a real opportunity to make a world set free in our lifetime, PLEASE CHIP IN, whatever you can to help make that happen.


Adam Kokesh

American Referendum Project


  1. Bondurant Bondurant April 22, 2020

    Feds deposited $1200 into my bank account. Used a portion of the money to purchase my first firearm and 3 boxes of 9mm ammo (2 boxes of ball tip rounds for the range and 1 hollow point).

  2. paulie paulie April 23, 2020

    I’m not eligible for a gubbamint stimulant check.

  3. Bondurant Bondurant April 23, 2020

    I’ve paid little attention to the Trump Buck payments. Not sure how one qualifies. Looked in my account last week and saw the Federali’s deposited the money. “Guess I’ll buy a gun” was my first thought.

  4. paulie paulie April 23, 2020

    Not sure how one qualifies.

    You had to have filed with IRS for 2018/9 – works best if you did so electronically with your bank info – and/or get direct deposit from them eg SS/SSI. I’ve avoided dealing with them for a couple of decades and renounced SSN so no soup for me.

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