Dan Behrman: Information about Titfest

2020 Libertarian presidential candidate Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman sent out the following press release today about his Taxation is Theft Fest, which Behrman refers to on social media as #Titfest2020:

We’ve published our final schedule!

We have an amazing list of speakers including Joe Banister, the former IRS agent who advocates that most Americans should not be paying taxes, Dave Champion, who wrote the book explaining why, and Peymon Mottahedeh, who is offering $300,000 to prove them wrong!

These are some heavy hitters that have enough information to take down the IRS, and they will all be speaking this weekend at Taxation Is Theft Fest 2020!

There are so many speakers I couldn’t possibly list them all. In fact, we have to run two concurrent livestreams just to give them all time to speak! You can see the full schedule here: https://taxationistheftfest.com/schedule

You don’t want to miss this FREE event, so make sure you register today : https://taxationistheftfest.com/register

In Liberty,

Dan Taxation Is Theft Behrman

Other speakers not mentioned above include fellow 2020 Libertarian presidential candidates Arvin Vohra, Sorinne Ardeleanu, Sam Robb, Brian Ellison, and Adam Kokesh.  Vice presidential candidates Spike Cohen and John McAfee will speak.  Previous Libertarian presidential candidates Mary Ruwart and Zoltan Istvan are also scheduled to make appearances.  IPR’s Joe Buchman will deliver a speech titled, “If ETs Landed On The Whitehouse Lawn, Would We Tax Them for “Universal” Healthcare?”

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