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Libertarian Party Third Round of Presidential Voting 2020

Via Joe Bishop-Henchman:

Jorgensen 390 (38.1%)

Hornberger 264 (25.7%)

Supreme 188 (18.3%)

Monds 174 (16.9%)


Write-Ins 3 (Sarwark 1, Kokesh 1, Ebke 1)

NOTE: There may be a PA discrepancy where Jorgensen has a few more votes and Hornberger a few less than what was reported. Will update if there’s an announcement.

Monds dropped and endorsed Jorgensen, and said he is available for VP. There was a false rumor that Kokesh endorsed Hornberger, which Kokesh has now denied.

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  1. Thomas Knapp Thomas Knapp May 23, 2020

    So about 44% in favor of running a presidential campaign this year, and less than 1% of the 56% opposed to doing so are willing to just come out and say so by voting NOTA.

  2. George Phillies George Phillies May 23, 2020

    “running a campaign’ and ‘running Hornberger/Supreme’ appear to be mutually exclusive.

    Note also that Jo has picked up far more votes than any of her opponents as people were eliminated.

  3. Thomas Knapp Thomas Knapp May 23, 2020


    I’m not saying that Hornberger or Supreme would run GREAT campaigns, or especially SUCCESSFUL campaigns.

    They’re just the only remaining candidates who would run anything resembling campaigns at all.

  4. Thomas Knapp Thomas Knapp May 23, 2020

    Jorgenson wins.

    I guess I’ll bother to vote for her in November.

    If my monthly pledge to the LNC can be “earmarked,” I’ll specify that it be used for any purpose other than pretending that we’re running a presidential campaign this year.

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