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Constitution Party: The George Floyd Tragedy

The Constitution Party sent the following statement to subscribers today including a fundraising pitch and update on ballot access from the current chairman Frank Fluckiger as well as a statement from presidential nominee Don Blankenship on the killing of George Floyd

The news media has been replete with articles and comments regarding the inexcusable murder of George Floyd of Minneapolis. In view of that incident I had asked our presidential candidate, Don Blankenship, to address the issue. Initially he sent his response to those on his email contact list. The article was viewed by thousands of his followers and hundreds of positives responses were received. Many of those who read the article forwarded it on to others to read as well.

In view of that, I have asked Bob Peck to share Don’s article with those on our party’s email list. I would encourage each of you to take a few moments to read it and then forward it on to others of like mind. Don hit the nail right on the head.

Also, we are in the midst of gaining ballot access in a number of states to ensure that people will have the opportunity to vote for Don in the upcoming general election this November. Currently we are gathering signatures in the state of Alaska and also Tennessee. Three thousand two hundred twelve valid signatures are required to secure ballot status in that state. Thus far well over 1,000 have been secured. The cost per signatures has been $2.00 which is a very reasonable price. Two hundred seventy five valid signatures are needed in Tennessee. We are well into that effort as well, but I do not have an exact number gathered as of this moment. We hope to complete that effort within the coming week.

Please take a moment and send in a donation of any amount to help us complete the petition effort in these states. Every single donation is needed and appreciated.

Once we complete these states we will move forward in New Jersey which requires 800 valid signatures. Blankenship will be on the ballot in Vermont. The only requirements left to do there are to submit the required paperwork and the names of three electors.

My sincere thanks to each of you for your continued support and dedication.

In the Cause of Liberty

National Chairman
Constitution Party

George Floyd Killing Was Murder, Not Racism

Don Blankenship released the following statement on the George Floyd killing:

Our country has a long history of racial issues, but there is no video evidence that George Floyd was murdered because he was black and the officers were not black. Said differently, George may well have been murdered because he was black, but the video of the murder does not provide such evidence. The video is evidence of police brutality, of a failed police action, of cruelty, and of a murder, but the video is not by itself evidence of racism.

It was critically important that the Minneapolis police treat the video as what it appears to be—clear evidence of a murder. Regrettably, they did not and still have not done so. Their delay in doing so has caused them to appear biased and arguably racist. Why else would they not treat an apparent murder involving multiple persons as a murder?

A murder charge should have been immediately brought against the officer who choked George. Also, whatever charges were or are appropriate against the other participants in the murder should have been brought as quickly as possible.

In short, the evidence on the video is clear evidence of a murder, and it should be further investigated as a murder case. The delay in bringing charges against the participants in the apparent murder should also be investigated as possible racism. If racism was a factor in the delay and/or in the murder itself, then appropriate corrective and disciplinary actions should be taken against those involved.

The participants in the subsequent “protests,” if peaceful and lawful, should be treated under the law as peaceful and lawful protesters. The participants in the “riots,” if stealing and damaging property, should be treated under the law as participants in theft and vandalism.

The point is that murder is murder and racism is racism. Protests are protests and riots are riots. They are entirely different things. Racism can be motivation for murder and for protests alike. But there is no evidence yet that the murder of George Floyd was motivated by racism. Regardless, racism cannot be a justification for riots.

The equal and timely application of the rule of law are the keys to preventing civil unrest. The Constitution guarantees all of us equal protection under the law. When a man is murdered, the first order of business is to arrest those responsible for the murder and to charge them immediately and properly. Doing so in the case of George Floyd would have demonstrated that Minneapolis officials are not racists, but they failed to do that. It is a lesson of which all police departments in America need to take notice.

The most important thing at this point is not why the officers caused George Floyd to die, but rather to treat and charge them just like anyone else would be treated and charged. If Minneapolis officials do that, then the rule of law will be protected, which is what a civil society depends on.

Don Blankenship
Constitution Party Candidate for President

One Comment

  1. Justice Apash Justice Apash June 17, 2020

    I agree with Don Blankenship that this was a murder not a racial incident however Don Blankenship missed the larger point which is the systematic problem of our liberties being taken away. Here is where I agree: Two of the four officers charged are non-white, J. Alexander Kueng (African American) and Tou Thao (Hmong American) so this incident seems just straight up 2nd degree murder. Here is where Don Blankenship missed an opportunity to talk about the over-all system: “The most important thing at this point is not why the officers caused George Floyd to die, but rather to treat and charge them just like anyone else would be treated and charged. If Minneapolis officials do that, then the rule of law will be protected, which is what a civil society depends on.” -Here is why they didn’t do it until the massive protests and uprisings: It is a problem of the erosion of our Constitutional rights. In 2015, civil asset forfeitures by police exceeded robberies. There have been many victims of choke-holds and no-knock raids that weren’t given national attention until recently. The NSA spying on our phones. The lockdowns that have taken away our freedom (the essence and non-essence businesses non-sense) . All these point to a larger problem of the loss of freedom and the tyrannical state that we are in.

    I also want to give advice to the Don Blankenship campaign team: I have been critical of Don Blankenship in previous comments here and on 3rd Party Report however I want to see the duopoly decline. I wish success on the LP, CP, and GP. Don Blankenship-if you or anyone in the national CP are reading this: I have been on your social media page (Twitter, Facebook, and your website). There needs to be a lot more going on. I know that campaigning is hard during this time especially in-person travel and rallies. Much of the campaign money will be spent on court battles to get petition requirements reduced or to get states to accept electronic signatures. However at minimal costs you can have a vigorous online campaign through Youtube videos, Facebook Live Q&As Videos, Reddit AMA, Zoom rallies, etc. I took a quick glance at Jo Jorgensen’s Facebook page and while she could be doing more, she has Q&A townhall videos, videos promoting the LP. Nothing is stopping you from doing that on your campaign.

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