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DC area Libertarian National Committee members and staff comment on government attacks on protesters

From LPHQ operations director Robert Kraus via facebook:

OMFG THIS IS INSANE! They attacked PEACEFUL PROTESTERS who are always in Lafayette Park 365/24/7 with rubber bullets, tear gas & mace grenades so King Orange the Idiot could march with a bunch of WHITE MEN and give an asinine speech!?! This was before the curfew BTW when they were allowed to be there. BULLY! And surrounded by military vehicles like some little general! OUTRAGEOUS! He’s just asking for a riot!

From LPDC chair, national committee at large member and candidate for national chair Joe Bishop-Henchman via the LNC list:

Here in DC just prior to tonight’s 7pm curfew taking effect, they used
mounted police, tear gas, and flashbangs to clear peaceful demonstrators
out of Lafayette Park, pushing the crowd back a block. The President
then walked through the park to have a photo op moment in front of St.
John’s Church, then returned to the White House.

Here’s a video of a cameraman being manhandled out of the park:


Secretary of Defense Esper on a call with governors: “I think the sooner
that you mass and dominate the battlespace, the quicker this dissipates
and we can get back to the right normal.”

This is how the U.S. Government is now describing its own citizens.

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  1. Kevin Kevin June 2, 2020

    “Peaceful” “protestors”? The building had been fire-bombed the night before. Mobs surrounded the White House, and MSM painted a picture of Trump in a bunker. When he goes outside of a protected area, he is also criticized.

    Why don’t the folks at national LP HQ talk about the elephant in the room? Is anybody there aware that lockdowns have transformed America into a tinderbox? Tempers are short. Would-be martyrs and street fight junkies should get there jollies somewhere else.

    What’s with the comment about “WHITE MEN”? Also in ALL CAPS were: “BULLY” “OUTRAGEOUS” “PEACEFUL PROTESTORS” “OMFG” and “INSANE”.
    I think there are worse things to get outraged about. Like maybe the riots, arson, vandalism, and murder by “PEACEFUL PROTESTORS” in major metropolitan areas of the country.

    Is Trump supposed to have a racial quota? How would you know none of the cops were non-whites? Highly unlikely, and their skin color was hard to identify because of the protective gear.

    How would Robert Kraus know all the demonstrators were peaceful? Special powers, or does he fancy he is plugged into the street hive?

    Joe Bishop-Henchman sounds more mature and balanced. While Kraus I imagine as an angry pimply faced teenager who imagines he has street cred. Hopefully, online conventions will improve LP leadership.

  2. Root's Teeth Are Awesome Root's Teeth Are Awesome June 3, 2020

    What’s with the comment about “WHITE MEN”?

    I’ve previously complained on IPR about the LP devolving into identity politics. It’s not a widespread yet, but it’s a creeping problem.

    Libertarianism is supposed to be about judging people as individuals. Focusing on people’s race, sex, sexual orientation, etc., should be avoided. Leave that to the Left and the Alt Right.

  3. NewFederalist NewFederalist June 3, 2020

    “Leave that to the Left and the Alt Right.” – RTAA

    Why Alt Right not just the Right?

  4. Jared Jared June 3, 2020

    NF: “Why Alt Right not just the Right?”

    I don’t mean to speak for RTAA, but I’d say white identity politics and identitarianism are still on the right-wing fringe, even if Trumpism and other “national conservatisms” are pretty nativist and xenophobic. Mainstream progressivism, on the other hand, doesn’t even pretend to shy away from minoritarian identity politics. The Democratic Party has devolved into what is essentially a loose coalition of victims united by a common enemy. The center-left and far-left seem to be in agreement that all minority groups are oppressed by greedy white male capitalists, the difference being whether the solution is more social democratic reform or democratic socialist revolution.

  5. NewFederalist NewFederalist June 3, 2020

    So… Alt Right and hard Left?

  6. wolfefan wolfefan June 3, 2020

    The protesters being moved from Lafayette were peaceful. There is no dispute about this. Some weren’t peaceful the night before, but at the time they were attacked by the Secret Service and the Park Police the protesters were peaceful. This is the same Park Police who shot and killed Bhijar Ghaisan for no apparent reason and have, multiple years later, released no information at all on the shooting. For Kevin to defend them is of a piece with his deceitful, dishonest takes on so many things.

  7. paulie paulie June 3, 2020

    He’d defending them? I’m glad I scroll past his comments.

  8. paulie paulie June 3, 2020

    The right is less explicit about their identitarianism because they are coming from a position of entrenched power and privilege. When you have the upper hand already, it’s easier to just smirk and dogwhistle.

  9. wolfefan wolfefan June 3, 2020

    Agreed paulie.

  10. dL dL June 4, 2020

    I don’t mean to speak for RTAA, but I’d say white identity politics and identitarianism are still on the right-wing fringe, even if Trumpism and other “national conservatisms” are pretty nativist and xenophobic.

    Complaining about “white male” in all caps as the takeaway from the events that have transpired the past week is not exactly supporting your point.

  11. dL dL June 4, 2020

    So… Alt Right and hard Left?

    The hard left is not unified RE: identity/privilege theory. For example. Chomsky mocks most of it as intentional gobbledygook designed to insulate the status quo from reform.Disproportionate police brutality against black/brown people is black/brown tyranny, not white privilege. Whatever explanatory capacity “white privilege” might have RE: power relations/class conflict in the United States will fail when it comes to, say, China. A good libertarian(or even Marxist) thinker will stick to the meat and potatoes of privileged class exploitation and will explain race as a ruling class construct to maintain the socioeconomic status quo.

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