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Jim Rex: Statement from the Alliance Party ‘Together, We Can Do This’

Alliance Party national chairman Jim Rex sent out the following statement today on George Floyd, an African American who died as a Minneapolis police officer restrained him with a knee on the back of his neck. 

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of George Floyd. As a Nation we mourn this tragic and indefensible loss of life and realize we must all allow this moment to be an opportunity to look more deeply at ourselves and into the soul of this nation.

While we can never condone the acts of violence and destruction being perpetuated by some, we honor the vast majority who are using our precious freedoms to protest peacefully to express their anger, disappointment and, yes, even rage. Whether we are personally “in the streets” or not, all of us need to recognize the urgent need to acknowledge, and to then address, the systemic injustice that we have allowed to persist for far too long in this country we love.

We presently lack the leadership at the local, state, and federal levels to unite us effectively as one people- as allies- to permanently change what is an untenable set of conditions for a country that wishes to lead the world. We cannot be a great nation if we don’t start living up to our own ideals of a just society.
The Alliance Party has been created to bring a different approach to the American political system – to bring about new and urgently needed results for all of us as we enter the third decade of the 21st century.

Toward this end, we are announcing our specific plans to address the need for all of us to dramatically raise our expectations for our leaders and for ourselves. This document, entitled, “America: The Gold Medal Nation” addresses how we must pursue the gold medal- not the silver or bronze- in those things that matter most to our people, and the rest of the world.

James Baldwin, the famous black writer and thinker, once talked about the need for subjugated people to become “enraged”. It is equally important for free people to become “engaged”. Our cooperative struggle to create a “more perfect” society calls upon us to behave as allies, not adversaries, with one another as we not only march to change the status quo, but also vote, volunteer, run for office, organize, and reach out to one another.

Together, we can do this. Together, in a new “Alliance” of Americans representing all of us in our splendid diversity.


  1. fred stein fred stein June 3, 2020

    End the drug war. This will save the lives of many people on all sides and save taxpayers’ money.

  2. Dee Malenke Dee Malenke June 7, 2020

    Why not have a true third political party presidential candidate to go against trump and Biden?

  3. paulie paulie June 7, 2020

    There are several. What do you mean by true?

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