Life and Liberty Party Holds First National Convention, Nominates Ticket

The conservative Life and Liberty Party held its first national convention this past Saturday on Zoom, as reported at American Third Party Report.  It nominated party chairman J.R. Myers of Alaska for president and professor Tiara Lusk of Idaho for vice president.  According to the party’s website, it is currently on the ballot in Arkansas and is attempting to appear on several others.

Myers, who was the Idaho Constitution Party’s vice presidential nominee in 2016 and the Constitution Party’s nominee for governor of Alaska in 2014, founded the party as an alternative to the Constitution Party, which has been plagued with infighting.  According to Politics1, the Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, Virginia, South Dakota, Texas, Illinois, and Indiana chapters of the Constitution Party have all disaffiliated from the national party.  The Alabama, Mississippi, and West Virginia chapters are reportedly considering disaffiliating as well.  The North Carolina and South Carolina affiliates are currently mulling whether to nominate a candidate other than the Constitution Party’s 2020 presidential nominee, businessman Don Blankenship.  Politics1 believes some of these parties may ultimately give their nominations to the Myers/Lusk ticket.

At the Life and Liberty Party convention, with Myers already nominated for president, three candidates sought to be his running mate.  Lusk won on the first ballot with 71 percent of the vote. Additionally, at the convention, the party elected officers and adopted a platform; U.S. Senate candidate Ray Writz of Idaho delivered remarks; and musician Jordan Page performed a tribute.

Afterwards, Myers and Lusk released the following post-convention video on YouTube:

One thought on “Life and Liberty Party Holds First National Convention, Nominates Ticket

  1. Justice Apash

    The national Constitution Party seems to be imploding. Don Blankenship is not really campaigning (correct me if I am wrong but he hasn’t even held a live Q&A townhall session which even the Reform Party candidates have done). It is possible that Life and Liberty Party could get more votes than Don Blankenship depending on how many affiliates they can get. Unlikely but possible. Now the one big issue I have with JR Myers is his Universal debt Jubilee concept. Never mind how to get all the banks to agree, it will be a disaster if implemented.
    Jubilees in ancient Israel worked because it was limited to a small nation and the society had it built into the economy because it happened every 50 years. On a global scale it would cause:
    1. Runaway inflation. Governments and banks will have to create money out of thin air to cover the debts. You could say the Federal Reserve does the same thing regularly but a global Jubilee would cause every nation to experience what Germany faced in the 1920s and what Zimbabwe faced in 2007.
    2. Reckless spending: In ancient Israel because it happened every 50 years it restrained how much debt can be given and received. Today a universal Jubilee would encourage the type of reckless spending and lending that got many nations into debt and which created the college bubble in the first place. Maybe if the Jubilee was periodic it could work and people know it would happen ahead of time it could work but a one-time event and it being unexpected would reward those nations who spent like no tomorrow. I know that some nations run up a debt because they had a CIA backed dictatorship or because the U.S. intervened and caused massive damage. In those cases a debt cancellation could occur as compensation but it should be done on a case-by-case basis not on a universal scale.

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