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Reform Party of Virginia: It is Time for Action

The Reform Party of Virginia posted the following press release last week in response to the protests of law enforcement in light of the Minneapolis Police Department’s suffocation killing of George Floyd: 

Reform Party of Virginia calls on President, House and Senate leaders of both parties to take action, and a national conference of minority leaders and government to be held.
The Reform Party of Virginia is calling on Americans to demand immediate action on matters of use of force and law enforcement training from the Democratic and Republican party political leaders in the House and Senate, and President Donald Trump, and to pull together within the next 24 hours or resign from office.

The violence spreading across the country is the direct result of years of neglect and poor policy-making that have pushed hard-working Americans, especially minorities, farther away from the American dream.

Inaction, poor policy-making and inflammatory rhetoric have all contributed to both the horrible tragedies we have seen (the senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery) and the protests across the country.

The Reform Party of Virginia insists that within the next 24 hours our political leaders:

Schedule an immediate conference with nation’s minority leaders

We need an immediate conference with the nation’s civil rights leaders, Black business leaders and Black faith leaders to provide them all with a forum for the country and politicians to listen to the issues facing communities of color in America and collect ideas to help improve the lives of Black Americans and other minorities and to save lives. This should be an on-going conference that is designed to collect as much feedback as possible, and turn ideas into policies of action.

President to issue executive order on police training and the use of force

We need the President to issue an Executive Order requiring all police departments with poor civil rights records to face review in the next 60 to 90 days on their tactics and training, and for a commission to be established to review police training tactics and uses of force against Black Americans, other minorities and the poor across the country and set a national standard for acceptable and unacceptable conduct by police officers.

Congress to guarantee free COVID-19 testing to all involved in recent protests who show symptoms of cornonavirus

We need Congress to provide free COVID-19 testing for all those who attended protests or who worked as law enforcement or first responders at protest rallies and report symptoms associated with the coronavirus. We also need everyone who participate in the protests to self-quarantine for the next two weeks to ensure that we do not have a new spread of the virus, especially among people who are in high-risk categories.

As Reform Party of Virginia chairman, Michael Hackmer, noted last night:

Our responsibility as Americans is to do more than demand action. We must be part of the action. Yes, it starts with each of us speaking out against injustice and violence. It starts with each of us reflecting on the values that define the best human beings we can be. But we also must go bolder.

We believe this bold action is necessary to help stop the continued violence in America, and improve the lives and welfare of us all.

America has always been a place of great dreams, great aspirations. However, the leaders of the past have locked us into a downward spiral where fewer and fewer are able to see their dreams become reality.

The politicians and solutions of the past are no longer working. It is time we move forward, and in the best interests of the nation, the Democratic and Republican party leaders in the House and Senate, and the President, should respect that we need to hear more voices and take new action.

And if the Democrats and Republicans are not willing to take action on these important steps within the next 24-hours, they should resign from office and allow others to fill their void in leadership.

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