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Vermin Supreme is Running for Senate

2020 Libertarian presidential candidate and judicial committee member Vermin Supreme announced he is waging a write-in campaign for US Senate in his homestate of Massachusetts.  He sent out the following press release today:

HEY KIDS! It’s ME…VERMIN SUPREME!!! and I’m here to let YOU know that I am running for US Senate in Massachusetts.

Why am I running? Well, I’m so glad you asked! I think we need another voice in congress to shake up the status quo politicians in Washington DC. America needs laughter and I’m here to give it to them! I want to make America LAUGH again.

The duopoly ding-a-lings in Washington aren’t helping Americans as they should be. They are busy paying their friends while Americans are losing their jobs and can’t pay their rent. America needs someone to buck the system and say WHOA THERE HORSEY, let’s take care of each other.

Instead of sending Federal Agents, I will fight to send ponies to every city. Instead of drone strikes, I will send toothbrushes to every civilian that would much rather have clean smiles than bombs. Lastly, I will fight for the people of Massachusetts with a dose of much-needed humor in the political sphere.

So with love and with spite, here is Vermin Supreme

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  1. Thane Eichenauer Thane Eichenauer September 7, 2020

    I wish Vermin Supreme well in his campaign. The state of Arizona would be so lucky to have such a talented candidate run for US Senate against sad sack Martha McSally and evil sack Mark Kelly.

    Currently I intend to vote for write-in candidate Mohammad “O” Arif for US Senate not because I have heard anything notable about him but he does have the advantage of not being a product of the Air Force Industrical Complex as have both of his opponents.

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