American Shopping Party Shopping for a Presidential Candidate, Favors Jason Momoa

A couple days ago, Ballot Access News reported that the American Shopping Party (ASP), which has ballot access in Hawaii, is considering nominating a presidential ticket of businessman Rocky De La Fuente for president and entertainer Kanye West for vice president.  This is the same ticket the American Independent Party (AIP) nominated for the California ballot last month.  However, according to the ASP Facebook page, the party wants actor Jason Momoa to be its presidential nominee.  The only catch is that the party cannot contact him.  Eight candidates have reportedly contacted the party about its presidential nomination:

American Shopping Party has been contacted by 8 Presidential candidates from across the country over the last 3 days. One of my favorites is Kyle. I call him The Voice of Puppy Eyes. Just a sweetie – 2nd run for president. Rocky (Roque) has been called the Hispanic Trump, part playboy, biz tycoon, all around wise-guy as in witty, smart responses to any number of situations. Told him one of the conditions of our nomination is that he would have be put together a video series and be followed around with a camera crew. His campaign is journey through the political outback – so insightful and his wiseguy personality type keeps the past and entertaining. We have American Constitution Part, American Solidarity Part, and the American …. We looked at Kanya West because he looks to have the infrastructure to help scale up a buyers and sellers platform for 50 million Buy American members. Brock Pierce has really caught our attention as a fellow ‘Entrepreneurial Junkie.’ Lol. And there is Collin. We can’t seem to connect, but a sincerely soul. More later.

I was of course hoping we could get Jason Mamoa, but can’t reach him, but he could bring together Dems & Republicans – Trump and Biden – to join together one day a month to celebrate America.

Based on the above, in addition to De La Fuente, the candidates seeking the nomination appear to be Independent Kyle Kopitke, Constitution Party presidential nominee Don Blankenship, and American Solidarity Party presidential nominee Brian Carroll.  Kanye West and Independent Brock Pierce seem to be in the running for the nomination but have not contacted the party.  It is not known who ‘Collin’ referenced above is, though it may be Prohibition Party presidential nominee Phil Collins.

Ballot Access News says the party has until September 4 to decide whether to run anyone for president.  

According to the American Shopping Party’s website:

ASP runs candidates from one industry per election cycle. This election we run all farmers. Next, it will be nurses and the next election all teachers.

ASP Candidates resign 2 weeks before election and give their vote over to one of the other party candidates. In this way, we are not competing with the other political parties, but rather, getting them to compete for our vote and commit to our ‘demands.’

We call it a Political Co-op. Think of it as a Voters Union. A new model for a political party – A Political Co-op: The Voters Union.

3 thoughts on “American Shopping Party Shopping for a Presidential Candidate, Favors Jason Momoa

  1. Justice Apash

    I get that American Shopping Party is a party that is dedicated to having people shop locally and sustainably in Hawaii so any publicity is good publicity. However they should put a candidate on the ballot who is actually running for president. If they put Kanye West on the ballot that would do both have a lot of publicity and run a candidate who is actually running. If they want to put Rocky De La Fuente on as president and Kanye West as VP then they need to publicize it properly. The California AIP could be getting a lot of publicity if they would contact Kanye West (they can use Twitter to contact him) and have him re-tweet that he was on the ballot in California.

  2. Richard Winger

    The Constitution Party is ballot-qualified in Hawaii, so it makes no sense that it would be asking for the American Shopping nomination. However the deadline is passed and if the Hawaii Elections website is accurate, the Constitution Party didn’t file its presidential electors in Hawaii. But the party will remain ballot-qualified for ten years in Hawaii, because it petitioned in 2016, 2018, and 2020.

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