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The Jorgensen Insider: Issue 06

The campaign of 2020 Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen sent out the following newsletter to email subscribers Wednesday.  This is the sixth issue.

Giant Money Meteor
Final Results!

by Kevin Moore

The Giant Money Meteor results are in, and the winner is … Delaware! Okay, actually we are ALL winners, collecting nearly $200,000 in donations in a week and a half. Delaware had the best results, achieving 213% of their baseline goal and making 106% of their stretch goal! Six other states exceeded their fundraising goals, with Montana in second place, followed by Utah, Arizona, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. Well done!

Here are a few other statistics: We raised $195,000 with more than 5,000 individual donors participating. Among the larger states (top 20 in population), Arizona had the top results, followed by Pennsylvania (best in the top ten population), and Missouri. In the perennial competition between California and Texas, California brought in the most total donations with $19,000, while Texas had the most individual donors at 458.

Thank you to everyone who participated, donated, or helped with this fundraising campaign. Your efforts will help us reach an extra million people by text bank and 20 million people over social media!

Great job, everyone!


Here are the results for all states that made at least 50% of their fundraising goal. Great job!

State Goal %

  • Delaware 213.07%
  • Montana 146.96%
  • Utah 135.44%
  • Arizona 129.60%
  • South Dakota 117.72%
  • Minnesota 102.24%
  • Pennsylvania 100.69%
  • Alaska 94.28%
  • Missouri 93.40%
  • Colorado 92.20%
  • Kansas 90.09%
  • Washington 89.25%
  • Rhode Island 87.83%
  • Wisconsin 84.73%
  • North Carolina 81.72%
  • Vermont 80.96%
  • Louisiana 79.69%
  • New Hampshire 78.16%
  • Hawaii 78.16%
  • Connecticut 77.70%
  • State Goal %
  • Ohio 77.49%
  • Oklahoma 77.03%
  • Alabama 74.79%
  • South Carolina 72.72%
  • Virginia 71.85%
  • Oregon 70.39%
  • Tennessee 70.13%
  • Michigan 68.67%
  • Texas 65.49%
  • Florida 64.60%
  • California 63.98%
  • Massachusetts 60.35%
  • Georgia 59.90%
  • West Virginia 59.80%
  • Wyoming 55.24%
  • Maryland 54.75%
  • Nevada 53.36%
  • Mississippi 52.09%
  • Kentucky 51.94%

You are cordially invited…


Join us as we celebrate the end of the campaign and all that we have accomplished this cycle. The venue will be at the Tower Club, in Dallas, TX.

The election night party begins at 8:00 pm at the Tower Club, in Dallas, TX with hors d’oeuvres throughout the evening and a cash var. Dallas Cowboys’ official DJ, DJSC (a fellow Libertarian) will spin the vinyls for us throughout the evening as we watch the election results!

Dress code is “come as you are!” If you would like to get dressed up – feel free, or wear your favorite Jo20 shirt and jeans!

Commemorative bottles of Backbone Uncut Bourbon are available with the purchase of a SILVER level ticket or a GOLD level ticket.


Thank you to our exceptional volunteers!

  • Patrick Bowersox – Region 3 (Cristi Kendrick)
  • Travis Groo – Region 3 (Cristi Kendrick)
  • Nick Taylor – Region 3 (Cristi Kendrick)
  • Joe Enroughty – Region 3 (Cristi Kendrick)
  • Bailee Dover – Region 3 (Cristi Kendrick)
  • Juanita Billings – Region 3 (Cristi Kendrick)
  • Patrick Hynes – Region 3 (Cristi Kendrick)
  • Suzanne Eltz – Region 3 (Cristi Kendrick)
  • Garret Perdick – Region 2 (Elijah Gizzarelli)
  • Amy LePore – Region 2 (Elijah Gizzarelli)
  • Daryl Thomas – Regions 2 (Elijah Gizzarelli)

Lean Mean Meme Machine

Each week we will feature a meme.

Volunteers are testing the efficacy of these memes in the field. Post your favorite to our Facebook Group!



By Liz Solomon

I had the pleasure of catching up with Victoria “Tori” Leroy this week via telephone. I have to assume that Tori is as pleasant to text with as she is on the phone, which is probably why she is so successful! Since joining the phone bank, Tori has texted nearly 50,000 people on behalf of the Jo Jorgensen for President campaign. This is five times the size of her hometown in Washington! Tori and I talked about her schedule, starting with campaigns on the East Coast and working her way to the West. We talked about the time she gives herself for responding to people who text back. In addition to texting, nearly full-time, as she explains later, she juggles life and a toddler! I asked Tori about her most interesting interaction. She said it was with someone who, after texting back and forth, conceded to check out Jo Jorgensen instead of giving her further push back! Here is Tori, in her own words:

Liz: How is it possible to send 40,000 text messages?

Tori: It takes commitment, for sure, all of my free time is dedicated to getting those texts out. A certain level of passion for what we’re doing also really helps. The biggest thing is to not jump in, thinking you’ll get those kinds of numbers out right away; it comes after getting to know the system.

Liz: What kind of time commitment does it take to send so many messages?

Tori: It’s become a second full-time job, honestly. I thoroughly enjoy doing it, though, so the majority of the time I don’t even notice how much time I have spent working on the campaigns. Even if you just do it in your spare time, you’ll be able to get thousands of messages out to people.

Liz: Do you have special equipment?

Tori: I use a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse so that I have a bit more mobility when dealing with my son: other than that, no, just a computer and the Internet.

Liz: How do you juggle being a full time text volunteer for the Jo Campaign and being a mom?

Tori: That’s what I love about the program! It seriously offers so much flexibility. I’m able to text all over the country, which opens up so much time to do it.

Liz: What is the best response you’ve received from a text message?

Tori: My all time favorite interactions with people are when they start off completely disinterested. Then you start playing along with them, and it spikes their interest in Jo. It offers a level of satisfaction that maybe, just maybe, I was able to sway that person into voting for someone that actually has the American people in mind.

Liz: Do you have a favorite texting campaign?

Tori: I don’t, mostly because you come across so many witty and clever people all over this country. It’s hard to pinpoint one area that I’ve enjoyed working on more than others.

Liz: How do you plan to stay on top of the texting and beat Ryan Cooper?

Tori: I truly hope someone can beat me, because that means we have reached out to so many people! Healthy competition is great, but my main goal is to work with some amazing people and let people know about the third option that is on our ballots. I’m just going to keep what I’m doing and keep it at that.

Tori’s personal goal is to reach 100,000 people by the end of the campaign. Will anyone catch up to Tori? We’re rooting for you, Tori; you can do it! If you’d like to get involved with the text bank, please join us on one of the following Zoom calls listed below:

Training sessions for new users are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm-11pm EDT / 2pm-8pm PDT.

Tuesday Night TextBank Training:

Meeting ID: 843 0322 8210 Passcode: 715405

Thursday Night TextBank Training:

Meeting ID: 828 4169 8401 Passcode: 299944

Why “Non-Essential Workers” Need a Libertarian President

from Genet Jones

There is a sign on the fence of a nearby independent-living complex that says, “To our police, healthcare providers, and other essential workers: THANK YOU!”

Every time I drive by that sign, I feel the urge to add another one next to it that says, “To everyone else: please don’t let anyone tell you that you are not essential.”

If you put food on the table for yourself or your family, you are essential. If you are working your way through your degree or skills training, your work is essential.

No human being deserves to be labeled “non-essential.”

But the entrenched political parties are perfectly happy to label you non-essential. They have made it clear for decades that whatever words they throw around on the podium, when it comes to their actions—the laws and policies they support—they have no problem throwing the average American, and the disadvantaged American, under the bus.

Republican and Democrat governors alike locked down their states and destroyed family businesses with the proverbial stroke of a pen. “Two weeks to flatten the curve” turned into months of lockdown, restrictions, harassment, polarization of health concerns, and massive unemployment.

Politicians at every level favor or even subsidize some industries, penalize others, and protect still others from competition or from liability to consumers. You as a consumer are treated as far less essential than those protected industries. And it doesn’t matter if your business is essential to your family; if it conflicts with the agenda of the best-paying lobbyists, even in a pre-Covid world, you were less than non-essential.

But the libertarian ethos is that everyone is essential. No one is less important than anyone else.

You may have heard this from other political parties, but they do not practice what they preach. On a daily basis, they enact laws and make policies that favor some groups of people over others—not to mention that politicians are the most favored group of all.

Each of us is an essential human being with unique talents and personal goals that matter the same as anyone else’s. This is why Libertarians believe that everyone deserves to make their own decisions about risk and reward, have equal protection under the law, and not get their livelihood thrown under the bus by the governor, the mayor, or the health department.

A Libertarian president would help to actually end police brutality, making it easier and safer for good police officers to do their jobs, by ending qualified immunity. Police officers are essential. So are the people they are sworn to protect. The way we respect both these truths is to make sure that those few police officers who don’t respect the value of life are never again allowed to represent the law. Getting rid of laws that protect them from prosecution is the only way to begin making that happen.

A Libertarian president would end the war on drugs, releasing millions of victimless “offenders” to live their essential lives with their families and communities, and opening up the growing marijuana industry to thousands of businesses and workers.

A Libertarian president would bring our troops home from entanglements all over the world, recognizing that those men and women are essential to their families, and essential for protecting our country, but not for policing the world. The Libertarian perspective that every person is essential makes it clear that sending our troops around the globe to intimidate the rest of the world is not only wasting the lives of our troops but also making all Americans less safe at home by virtue of our leaders making enemies abroad.

Whether you are serving your community as an “essential worker” or one who has been labeled “non-essential,” remember that if the government has the power today to label your neighbors non-essential and take away their means to live, then tomorrow it has the power to do that to you—unless we make a real change.

A Libertarian vote in 2020 is a vote to protect the essential in every one of us.

The Ball Is Still in Play…

By Kevin Moore

There are many ways that volunteers can still help between now and the election!

Here are a few:

Committee for American Debate

The non-partisan Committee for American Debate wants Jo Jorgensen on the debate stage! Sign the petition for a debate that includes all candidates who are on the ballot in every state!


Many local events are happening all around the country – check for events near you on Or add your own!

Create / Submit a Sign Wave!

Connect with your local volunteers.

Are you looking for volunteers in your area? There are many ways to connect with local volunteers. Jo and Spike have a Discord group. They have rooms for all 50 states, as well as Washington DC and the US territories. Many states already have people in these rooms, looking for ways to reach out and volunteer.

Grassroots Message Sharing

Are you looking for a message to share with a friend who’s interested in Jo Jorgensen? You can find many of them here (either with or without the request for a donation)!

Communications – Open All Campaign Messages

Modern mail tools use “open rates” as one way to determine which emails are spam and which are worth sending. Emails with low open rates can result in future messages from that address being marked as “junk mail.” So – please take a few moments to open all campaign messages, even if you already know what’s in them! This will help us reach as many people as possible with our messages

Jo Jorgensen Vote Exchange

Help voters learn how they can vote for Jo Jorgensen without risking “letting the other guy win”!

Weekly Volunteer Update!

Join our weekly volunteer update on Zoom on Saturday at 1pm EDT, 10am PDT.


“Get Out the Vote” State Coordinator

States are looking to designate a few people to help coordinate the “Get Out the Vote” efforts taking place across America.

If you are interested in helping with this effort, please contact Kevin Moore,

Did you find the grammar error in this newsletter?

Join the Internal Communications team and help us prevent more mistakes!

Email Liz at lizsolomon@jo20.comfor more details.

Phone and Text Bankers

Do you have some time to make calls or send text messages on behalf of the campaign? Can you help the campaign send 2,000,000 more text messages before November 3, 2020. Please consider being a part of our phone and text team!

Special equipment: Phone or computer

New Volunteer Checklist – Call & Text for Jo & Spike

Data Entry Specialist

Are you good at data entry, Excel, or have experience using a variety of CRM software?

Please contact TJ Ferreira,, to help with some special projects. Thank you!

Editor In Chief – Jennifer Imhoff (ID)

Copy Editor – Mark Johnson (ME)

Managing Editor – Liz Solomon (TX)

Contributors – Kevin Moore (CA), Genet Jones (AR), Liz Solomon (TX)