Tom Tancredo Celebrates 75th Birthday

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo, the Constitution Party’s 2010 nominee for Governor of Colorado, celebrates his 75th birthday today.

Tancredo was born December 20, 1945 in Denver.  He won election to the House of Representatives in 1998.  During his ten year tenure in Congress (1999-2009), he participated in the Republican Liberty Caucus alongside Congressman Ron Paul and others.  After leaving Congress, Tancredo joined the Constitution Party and ran as its nominee for Governor of Colorado.  Tancredo’s 36.4 percent showing in the race, good for second place, was the highest for any third party or independent gubernatorial candidate in 2010.  It even exceeded the 36.1 percent of independent Lincoln Chafee in winning the Rhode Island gubernatorial election.

After the election, Tancredo rejoined the Republican Party but left again in 2015 due to his disgust with the Republican establishment.  During the 2016 presidential election, when it appeared the Republican establishment might steal the election from frontrunner Donald Trump, Tancredo considered running for the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination but ultimately decided against it.  After Trump’s election as president, Tancredo rejoined the Republican Party.  Since then he has been a steadfast supporter of the president.

Active on social media, Tancredo has posted a series of memes to Facebook in recent days:

One thought on “Tom Tancredo Celebrates 75th Birthday

  1. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Another waste of space about a right-wing crazy who was a third-party candidate for a few minutes, and rejoined the Republican party just weeks after his loss in the governor’s race . That’s how much this guy was committed to third party politics… nada.

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