New Minor Parties Gear Up for Mexican 2021 Midterms

The United States’ neighbor to the south, Mexico, will be holding their equivalent of the midterms in July of 2021. Mexico has a similar electoral system to ours: President and a 2 Chamber Legislature, however their country has reforms such as proportional representation which have let minor parties thrive. Evident by the fact that 10 parties will have equal footing in the upcoming elections, 7 of which are considered “major” to a degree. I will be going over the 3 new parties that will contest and one extra minor party factoid for Mexico.

The first party is the Solidarity Encounter Party (PES). They are a Christian Conservative Party that has positioned itself solidly on the right side of the aisle. The interesting aspect about them is that they are sort of revival of a previous Political Party called the Social Encounter Party that was similarly positioned but somehow found itself in a coalition with the Socialist PT and Populist Left MORENA. Interestingly enough state affiliates of their predecessor party are still aligned with MORENA’s coalition and the new PES is only running one solo candidacy in Hipólito Mora Chávez running for Governor of Michoacán.

The second new party is Force for Mexico (FM). They are a Center-Left Progressive Party formed from former members of the now defunct centrist New Alliance Party. The FM appears to be trying to position itself as a party that will be more effective in helping the incumbent president more than his own party, while also running candidates against his party. Currently they are running 4 gubernatorial candidates in  Colima, Queretaro, Baja California, Chihuahua.

The third new party is Progressive Social Networks (RSP). They, like Force for Mexico, are also a Center-Left Progressive Party trying to align themselves with the incumbent administration. They have also chosen to run candidates of their own, albeit only 2 in Tlaxcala and Queretaro, but have also proposed another candidacy of a PAN Candidate which raises issues with the idea of them being the party of the incumbent Prez.

Since Queretaro has been mentioned twice, there is another Gubernatorial candidate in the race that should get a slight mention. Queretaro Independent Party candidate Carlos Villagrán Eslava. The reason being he played the role of Quico in the hit Mexican Show “El Chavo del Ocho”.


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