Reform Party: Our Greatest Challenges Will Not Be Solved By Violence

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In response to the events in Washington, DC and across the country, the Reform Party Executive Committee has released this statement:

There is anger in this country – anger that politicians on both sides have caused. For years, the rhetoric and policies from those elected to office have sought to divide us. These politicians have not made the people a priority.

But as President Kennedy once said, ‘No wrongs have ever been righted by riots and civil disorders.’ Anger and violence from a mob is not a voice of reason, or an act that will bring justice.

For all those who feel marginalized or unheard by their government; for all those who are angry; do not turn on your fellow Americans or act with violence.

In the heat of this moment, as Americans, we should take stock of the people near to us, the people closest to our hearts as well as the police officers, the store owners and the strangers we see on the streets.

Remember: All of us have dreams for a better life. All of us want to live in peace. Let us all recognize more needs to be done in this country to fix what is broken, and that it can only be fixed through the hard work and ingenuity that defines what it means to be an American.”

Reform Party Executive Committee, January 6, 2021

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