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Spike Cohen: The Reason for the Protests and Riots

Spike Cohen, the Libertarian Party’s 2020 vice presidential nominee posted the following statement on his Instagram account about the 2021 Capitol breach:

The reason for the protests & riots that are happening in DC, are more similar to why the BLM protests & riots happened than either side is willing to admit.

At the core of these riots, at the core of why they voted for Trump in the first place, is frustration over lost jobs, low wages, the skyrocketing cost of living, & much more.

Simply put: people who are happy & comfortable don’t riot.

The problem is that they’re misplacing their anger & rage. They’re rioting for someone who helped put them in the mess they’re in.

This isn’t about left vs. right, Rep vs. Dem, White vs. Black.

It’s about the people vs. a relative handful of incredibly powerful politicians & cronies (like Trump & Biden) who rob us every day.

They rob us of our money, but also of our opportunities, of our livelihoods, of our future. As we’ve seen, sometimes they rob us of our lives.

Their actions fill us with rage, & they redirect our rage towards each other.

Remember in the 2000s when Occupy (anti big business) & the Tea Party (anti big govt) were fighting each other while big govt handed trillions of $ to big business, created regulations to make them monopolies, & laughed at the rest of us?

That’s still happening.

We just got yet another “stimulus” bill where we got $600, crony corps & big govt agencies got trillions, & we got stuck with the bill for it, with interest.

This was a bipartisan agreement. Pelosi, Harris, McConnell & Trump all had a part in it.

Republicrats want us divided. They want us to hate each other.

They want us to riot so they can pass even more authoritarian “tough on crime” measures. Can you imagine what Biden & Congress are going to do after this fiasco?

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way. It never did.

We don’t have to live with a system that wasn’t built for us, but relies on us to keep going.

We don’t have to struggle to make ends meet.

We don’t have to beg for crumbs from the bread that was stolen from us.

There’s 1 way to fix this:

See that this is all a scam, that Rs & Ds are in on it together.

Replace them with people who will dismantle this thieving, murderous system.

Don’t hate your neighbor, work with them to fix this for good.


  1. ATBAFT ATBAFT January 10, 2021

    “self-aggrandizing money grubbing of many if not most of our top-ticket campaigns ”
    Interesting viewpoint. Is asking for contributions to pay the candidate’s travel expenses, or publicity efforts, or consultants and staff, or ads, or brochures “money grubbing?” Or are you alleging that money has flowed into the personal coffers of our top ticket candidates and their friends who are employed in the campaign?

  2. David Pratt Demarest David Pratt Demarest January 9, 2021

    The unwilling to admit the similarity include those who indulge in political correctness in the hopes they will be elected or appointed to a position of authority over others to avoid embracing the rigors of the free market. In this regard, it is my opinion that the broader Libertarian movement is faring far better than operatives that have dominated the political arm of our movement as demonstrated by the self-aggrandizing money grubbing of many if not most of our top-ticket campaigns over our under-performing 50-year party history.


  3. wolfefan wolfefan January 9, 2021

    Thanks for the reminder that I am old- I used to drive a Sable!

  4. fred stein fred stein January 9, 2021

    Bad examples. Burger King and Mcdonalds, Coke and Pepsi , and Lakers and Clippers are very similar. It is not like comparing Burger King with Olive Garden. Lakers with BTS ,, or Dogs with cars. Now those are differences……………………

  5. Fred J Fred J January 9, 2021

    Claiming the Democrats and the Republicans are the same is just as ridiculous as claiming the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers are the same.
    They aren’t.
    They have different people, wear different clothes, and play a very different style of basketball, and they actively compete against each other.
    They even have different days that they are “the home team” when playing at the staples center.
    Just ridiculous to say they are the same!!!!!!
    What’s next— are you going to try to tell us the Yankees and the Mets are the same? That Coke and Pepsi are the same? That the Ford Taurus and The Mercury Sable are the same?

    It is ludicrous that you would claim that just because both the Democrats and Republicans consistently pass bi-partisan legislation like corporate bailouts, The Patriot Act, anti-drug user laws, domestic spying program, anti-immigration laws, and authorization and funding of war after war—that they are the same. Those two parties are as different as Burger King and McDonalds.

  6. dL dL January 9, 2021

    Democrats and Republicans are NOT THE SAME. Not even remotely similar.

    If you’re a brown person in a foreign country, a prison or immigration detention camp, they are.

  7. Tony From Long Island Tony From Long Island January 9, 2021

    99% of this is exactly why I left the Libertarian Party.

    Democrats and Republicans are NOT THE SAME. Not even remotely similar.

    Also, comparing sedition to ANYTHING is ridiculous.

  8. Fred J Fred J January 8, 2021

    Thank you for articulating this so well.

    I’ve felt very sad over the Trump Lies about a stolen election. Not just because he lied (that isn’t anything new) but because his lies have made it harder for many people to see the truth.
    As all of us who are outside of the two dominant parties know- the election system isn’t a fair and open process. The duopoly has suppressed the ability for others to compete fairly in the election system.
    But because of Trumps lies about “stolen elections” and voting machine errors – many people will lose the ability to see the real problems with the election rules that prevent giving voters any real options that will allow us to get out from under their control.

  9. fred stein fred stein January 8, 2021

    Excellent analysis , Spike,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, You made something complex into something simple that the average person can understand. …………….I hope you run for office again in the future…………………..

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