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Alaska State Representative Splits From GOP Caucus

A Republican member of the Alaska House of Representatives announced today that she will be serving as an “independent Republican” with no ties to either the 21-member coalition House majority (made up of Democrats and Independents) or the 18-member House Republican minority.

Representative Sara Rasmussen of Anchorage will become a caucus of one, in what appears to be a largely procedural move to secure a seat on the House Finance Committee.

Rasmussen’s office released the following statement:

“Representative Sara Rasmussen campaigned on controlling spending, a sustainable PFD, and opposing an income tax. At this time she feels the best path forward to accomplishing those goals is to work as an independent member of the House Finance Committee, meaning she is not a member of either the majority or minority caucus. She is committed to putting aside partisan politics in order to do what’s best for the state of Alaska, and accomplish the priorities that her constituents in Sand Lake sent her to work on. Representative Rasmussen looks forward to being an integral part of crafting long term fiscal policies that will move the economy and Alaska forward.”


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Austin Cassidy


  1. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly February 17, 2021

    Were I Alaska’s House Speaker or whoever does committee assignments, I’d reject her ploy, and, if she’s not already on the finance committee, assign her elsewhere.

  2. Richard Winger Richard Winger February 18, 2021

    If she really had the courage of her convictions, she would register out of the Republican Party, as Arkansas State Senator Jim Hendren did on February 18, 2021. Another person who ought to give up his Republican registration is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  3. George Phillies George Phillies February 21, 2021

    As she appears to have a brain, she did the right thing. Note the grin and what she has in her hands.

  4. Tony From Long Island Tony From Long Island February 22, 2021

    And the residual damage of Trump just keeps on coming . . . .

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