Our Revolution LA Disaffiliates with People’s Party

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Just as the People’s Party announces it has registered as a party in California, Our Revolution Los Angeles, one of their largest allies in the states has chosen to disaffiliate from their coalition.

In a statement released February 7th, Our Revolution LA cites undemocratic leadership elections, lack of transparency, and toxic behavior in regards to dissent as the primary reasons for the disaffiliation. This comes after tweets from The People’s Party showing they are not explicitly Left-Wing and an Interview with 2020 Green Party Nominee Howie Hawkins saying he was turned away for being “Too Socialistic” came to light.

Former Our Revolution LA Vice Chair Eynelys García released her own statement regarding certain allegations linked here.

7 thoughts on “Our Revolution LA Disaffiliates with People’s Party

  1. Longtime Reader

    I guess you can’t make everyone happy. To be fair, I attempted to join one of the state branches of the People’s Party, but a significant number of people in it were openly communist. One person even made a fake Karl Marx (his/him/genius) account. I personally have no problem with fiscally social policies, but affiliating with an ideology espoused by Marx is an absolute turn off for me.

  2. wolfefan

    Thanks, Fernando, for this article and the other coverage of left parties you’ve been providing. I appreciate it when there’s news and opinion about parties across the ideological spectrum.

  3. SocraticGadfly

    Oh, I’m with Howie on one other thing … lack of dues paying at the GP national level. That’s not just because non-corporatist third parties of the left struggle to raise funds, but also, what he said about “paper parties” in a number of states.

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