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Mike Feinstein Offers His Take On HR 1

Mike Feinstein, former mayor of Santa Monica and co-founder of the Green Party of California, offers his take on anti-third party provisions of HR 1. He notes that the voting rights provisions are great as a stand-alone bill. But, there’s plenty of sausage making behind that.

Many of us already know about the rise in requirements for presidential campaign funding for third party primary candidates. The bill also eliminates general election funding on the excuse that duopoly candidates opt out anyway. Feinstein offers suggests for fixing the system rather than junking it.

He also discusses how it further entrenches corporate money in politics.

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  1. George Phillies George Phillies March 23, 2021

    Good point on the effect on third parties, for third party candidates who take the money. The one LP candidate who did take it in net lost campaign money on the deal. The campaign funding act has no relevance to almost all Libertarian candidates, not to mention that DR candidates almost never touch the cash in question.

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