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The ‘Independent-Green Party’ Are Not Your Friends

In the 2020 Green Party Presidential Primary, lesser known candidate Chad Wilson who was dissatisfied with the process, decided he would create a new Political Party, known as the Independent Green Party. The goal of the group were to form a coalition of the people who did not support the GP’s 2020 nominee Howie Hawkins, particularly the individuals who were supportive of the movement to draft Jesse Ventura, and they intend to draft him for their nomination in 2024.

Right off the bat, uniting under this single issue, especially with that being around a person. is not particularly good as many people may like Ventura for different reasons, as he has been amorphous in his philosophy over the years. As such the “party” is mostly filled with the rejects from all across the political spectrum. On one end you will see people who are communist and on the other, you will see people link Project Veritas, Newsmax, and Tim Pool. However one sinister issue that seems to unite them all.


Jesse is not the only political figure they are united behind, their ideal Vice Presidential Nominee is Cynthia McKinney, who is known for her Anti-Semetic Remarks in the Past. And it does not end at that, as many of the members of their coalition are also Anti-Semitic themselves or are simply parroting Anti-Semitic Talking Points. One of their members is another former candidate David Rolde, who has previously been expelled from the Green-Rainbow Party for Anti-Semitism. Shown below are screenshots from their official Facebook group spreading Anti-Semitic Conspiracy theories, linking to antisemetic sites and users



The Aformentioned user also expressed support of Chad Wilson liking his logo for being an “Imperial Eagle” (a translated version of the name of the German Reichsadler)


Wilson himself has rushed to the defense of McKinney’s Anti-Semitism, and has participated in a form of Holocaust denial by “questioning historical narratives”



  1. Fernando Mercado Post author | April 15, 2021

    William’s whole thing was this LP/GP alliance via the Jesse nomination and always seems to like the Libertarian types more than anything in the Left Sphere.

    McKinney, Gabbard, Ventura, etc

  2. Jared April 15, 2021

    SG: “Part of my take on [Pounds] is also that he’s a Libertarian in sheep’s clothing.”

    His platform includes “free” university education and a $15 national minimum wage. Do you really think he’d be a good fit for the LP? The Alliance Party maybe, since they seem to have taken a left-interventionist turn on economic issues.

  3. Fernando Mercado Post author | April 14, 2021

    Wolfe: They are attrmpting to get them in ghei coalition

    Shawn: Its the Maine Green Independent Party

  4. Shawn Levasseur April 14, 2021

    The above mentioned “Independent Green Party” should not be confused with the “Independent Green Party” in Maine, which is part of the Green Party proper, AFAIK. When the Green Party gained it’s recognition it chose to include the word “Independent” in their designation on ballots and registration cards.

  5. wolfefan April 14, 2021

    Is there a relationship between this group and the Independent Greens of Virginia?

  6. Fernando Mercado Post author | April 13, 2021

    I never claimed everyone there is. Just the ones I mention in the article

  7. SocraticGadfly April 13, 2021

    I don’t know that everybody over there is anti-s e m i t i c. (I’m not logged in as a poster, so I don’t know what’s triggering comment moderation.) I do know that part of what drives their hatred, also, besides anything tinged with what they claim is socialism, is vociferous denial of any claim that Russia meddled in the 2016 election. (Pounds thinks Hawkins is part of the so-called “deep state,” for example.) I’ve been a member of the main GP group, the official party group, on Hucksterman Central for 3 years or so; I’ve run into most the nutters over there. And blocked some. Not Wilson, yet, but yes, Pounds and several others.

    (And now I know … have to space-spell that one word. INnnnteresting.)

  8. SocraticGadfly April 13, 2021

    Fernando, you didn’t include William Pounds, but, I got you covered.

    Part of my take on him is also that he’s a Libertarian in sheep’s clothing. Adding to that is that McKinney officially declared herself a Libertarian in 2018. But, these people don’t care.

    On, on Rolde? He’s also a Grundmann / Plandemic level COVID denialist.

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