News & Notes: GP and LP Celebrate Election Victories, ‘The Rock’ Continues to Tease Presidential Bid

ROCK THE VOTE?  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson continues to tease the notion that a presidential run might be in his future. Would it be as a Democrat? An independent? Who knows!

Do I think he’s serious? Yes, actually I do. My guess is that Johnson is stealing a page from the Donald Trump playbook here. By repeatedly raising the idea of a campaign in these relatively vague terms, he can use the publicity to promote entertainment and business ventures while allowing the public to gradually warm up to the concept.

Crazier things have happened.

Johnson has even used a future presidential campaign as a plotline in his NBC sitcom…


SOLIDARITY SPUTTERS IN WISCONSIN: A special election to fill a vacant seat in the Wisconsin state senate went to the Republican, as expected. The GOP nominee took 51% to the Democrat’s 43%, while “Trump Conservative” Spencer Zimmerman (a frequent candidate) captured 4.5% and the American Solidarity Party’s Ben Schmitz received a disappointing 0.5% of the vote.

LIBERTARIAN WINS COUNCIL SEAT IN OKLAHOMA: Troy Brooks, a registered Libertarian, won a non-partisan race for a seat on the Alva, Oklahoma city council. He defeated his only opponent 381-343.

GALESBURG GOES GREEN:  Peter Schwartzman, a member of the Green Party, was elected mayor of Galesburg, Illinois on April 6.  He defeated incumbent John Pritchard by 47% to 41% with a third candidate pulling 12% of the vote.


5 thoughts on “News & Notes: GP and LP Celebrate Election Victories, ‘The Rock’ Continues to Tease Presidential Bid

  1. fred stein

    The Rock for President? Only 46 percent said yes. That means 54 percent said no………….It is a publicity stunt.He is a nice guy and wants it that way……………Getting into politics is a mean business and that is not him.

  2. Austin Cassidy Post author

    I’d have said the same thing, but this is exactly what Donald Trump did. He repeatedly teased out a presidential campaign as a promotional tool for his businesses and his TV shows from 1988 through to 2012… and then he actually ran in 2016.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I think he’s serious about this and this country is just crazy enough to elect him. Particularly by 2028… or 2032 or 2036.

  3. Austin Cassidy Post author

    The campaign bus is a screenshot from his NBA sitcom where a plotline is apparently his 2032 presidential campaign.

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