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Former Congressman and Salt Lake Mayor Backs McMullin

Former Democratic congressman Ben McAdams and former United Utah Party candidate Jonia Broderick are supporting independent candidate Evan McMullin, who is vying to unseat Senator Mike Lee.

In a joint editorial for the Deseret News, they laid out their case:

Utah deserves someone who won’t forget why we sent him there, someone who is free to look for good ideas and to work with anyone who helps solve problems facing our country.

It’s time to try something new.

Our founding fathers never intended for us to identify more strongly as Democrats or Republicans than we do as Americans. Political parties are meant to evolve, to be continuously checked by the citizens of this country. They must evolve with us, for the good of the nation while holding steadfastly to our founding ideals. We have a duty not only to hold our leaders accountable but our parties as well. It is time to put country, and Utah, before party.

We need new, courageous leadership to help us break the mold of what’s not working. That’s why we are joining together to support McMullin, an independent candidate for the United States Senate. We agree with Evan — our differences must be set aside to heal the divide and face what we are up against.

McMullin is a former CIA operations officer who ran as an independent during the 2016 presidential election. Nationally, he received 0.53% of the popular vote or 732,409 votes. In his home state of Utah he won more than 21% of the vote and finished second in several counties. He also captured nearly 7% of the vote in neighboring Idaho.

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