Roger Stone Offers to Freeze Sperm for Laura Loomer, Teases Libertarian Challenge to Ron DeSantis

Roger Stone, a notorious Nixon-era trickster and Donald Trump confidante, is once again teasing a campaign for governor of Florida as a Libertarian. And it would seem he’s also looking to expand his family in a rather unconventional way.

In what seems like either a joke or a publicity stunt, or probably both, Stone is offering to freeze his sperm for right-wing activist (and fringe conspiracy theorist) Laura Loomer.

“Since I don’t have a biological heir and because the freedom movement needs future warriors I am going to freeze some of my sperm in case Laura Loomer decides to bear my child sometime in the future,” Stone posted this week on social networking site Gab.

This comes a few weeks after Stone managed to make headlines by threatening a run for governor of Florida, specifically aiming to spoil the re-election bid of Ron DeSantis. Stone’s beef with DeSantis, who is perhaps the Trumpiest governor in the nation, is over the 2020 election.

Despite the fact that Trump easily carried the state of Florida, Stone believes that DeSantis should “audit the election” to purge what he calls “phantom” voters.

“If Florida governor Ron DeSantis does not order an audit of the 2020 election to expose the fact that there are over 1 million phantom voters on the Florida voter rolls in the Sunshine state I may be forced to seek the Libertarian party nomination for governor Florida in 2022,” Stone posted on Gab.

Stone first floated the idea of seeking the Libertarian nomination for Florida governor in 2013, when he declared the Republican Party to be dead. After flirting with the idea for several months, he pulled the plug in May of that year.

Libertarians would go on to nominate Adrian Wyllie in 2014. He and his running mate, insurance agent Greg Roe, managed to secure 3.75% of the vote, a record showing for Florida Libertarians in a statewide race.

Stone returned in 2015 to suggest that he was planning to run for U.S. Senate as a Libertarian the following year. But again, he decided not to follow through. This time, he was fully distracted by the nascent presidential campaign of friend Donald Trump.

Stone served as an adviser to the Trump campaign briefly, and then either quit or was fired. A few days after parting ways with the campaign, Stone authored a piece for Business Insider titled: “The man who just resigned from Donald Trump’s campaign explains how Trump can still win.”

Trump praised Stone during an appearance in December 2015 on Alex Jones’ radio show that was orchestrated by Stone. “Roger’s a good guy,” Trump said. “He’s been so loyal and so wonderful.” Stone remained an informal adviser to and media surrogate for Trump throughout the remainder of the campaign.

In 2019, Stone’s home was raided by the FBI and he was arrested on seven criminal charges of an indictment in the Mueller investigation: one count of obstruction of an official proceeding, five counts of false statements, and one count of witness tampering.

Stone was convicted and sentenced to 40 months in prison, but Trump commuted the sentence and ultimately issued Stone a full pardon during the final weeks of his presidency.

Like all qualified parties in Florida, if contested by more than one candidate the Libertarian nomination will be decided in a primary. Voting would be open only to registered Libertarian voters. The only time a contested statewide LP primary has been held was in 2016, when Iraq war veteran Paul Stanton defeated crazy person Augustus Sol Invictus by a margin of 2,946 to 1,063 votes.

7 thoughts on “Roger Stone Offers to Freeze Sperm for Laura Loomer, Teases Libertarian Challenge to Ron DeSantis

  1. Richard Winger

    Florida law would not permit Roger Stone to file as a Libertarian in the 2022 primary for any office. The law says one must have been a party member for a year before filing, and so it is too late for Stone to change. That law is unconstitutional, but the only plaintiff that would have standing to challenge it is a political party. When candidates in Florida have sued (without the involvement of their party, or any party) they have lost. A party could cite the US Supreme Court decision Tashjian v Republican Party of Connecticut, which said that states cannot prevent parties from nominating a non-member. I doubt the Florida Libertarian Party wants to go to court to help Roger Stone get is nomination.

  2. Tony From Long Island

    Yup, just what the LP needs is one of the slimiest dirtbags on Earth mentioning them.

  3. Austin Cassidy Post author

    Excellent point, Richard. I agree that the law is unconstitutional. Hopefully someone less crazy than Mr. Stone comes along to challenge it.

    One minor point, I believe the requirement is that you can’t be a member of a different party for the year before qualifying, not that you specifically have to have joined the party you seek to run with. If he hadn’t become a Libertarian already, the only practical work around Stone would have at this point is if he had switched to “no party affiliation” a few months ago. Do we know if he’s definitely still registered as a Republican at this time?

    Further, I suppose he could still run as an NPA candidate in the general election, if he’s intent on trying to hurt DeSantis. He just couldn’t carry the LPF label on the ballot.

  4. SocraticGadfly

    Tony, it’s simple.

    Roger Stone is a diehard Republican who’s about party, not principles. Hêllz, that’s been the case for 50 years.

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