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News & Notes: Cutler Arrest Fallout, Yang on Bill Maher, Libertarian Wins 5% in Legislative Special Election

CUTLER FALLOUT: Eliot Cutler, a former two-time independent candidate for Maine governor, was arrested last month for possession of child pornography.

Numerous politicians have now publicly donated political contributions from Cutler to the Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Maine Public Media recently recapped the story and the fallout, noting that the scandal “obscures his novel effect on Maine politics.”

Centrally, Cutler’s two failed campaigns gave a huge boost to Ranked Choice Voting advocates in Maine… read more

PA SPECIAL: Paul Cwalina won 4.94% of the vote in a special election to fill a state legislative seat in Pennsylvania. Thanks to Ballot Access News for the link.


YANG ON HBO: Andrew Yang was a panel guest on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher last week. In a break from his recent pumping of crypto-based “web3” lobbying schemes, he did pitch the Forward Party a couple of times during this appearance.

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  1. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes April 8, 2022

    4.94% for the Libertarian in a special election.
    Reported like it is a lot or remarkable.
    We know, despite denials by Tom Knapp, that the maximum libertarian vote is 13%. See: The Libertarian Vote by Cato Institute.
    A special election shortens the election cycle. This vote did not have the time necessary to whittle it down to near zero.

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