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News & Notes: Internal Fighting Consumes Colorado Green Party, Salt Lake Mayor Backs Evan McMullin

ROCKY ROAD FOR COLORADO GREENS: Fighting within the Green Party of Colorado has resulted in yet another cycle without candidates.

According to Gary Swing, who joined the Green Party in the 1990s, the party’s last legitimate assembly was in 2016, before Mérida’s complete takeover.

FORWARD PARTY BACKS HOPE DEALER: Andrew Yang’s Forward Party is supporting Rev. Wendy Hamilton in the race for delegate to the United States House of Representatives, representing the District of Columbia.

Hamilton backs D.C. Statehood and universal basic income, among other priorities:

THE PRAGMATIC CHOICE: “I fully understand that Evan won’t represent what I would like 100% of the time, but I’ll take an Evan McMullin who will engage and listen,” Wilson said. “I feel like Democrats will at least have a seat at the table with independents, when we have been shut out by Mike Lee for far too many years.”


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  1. Sammy H Sammy H April 6, 2022

    Greens having same problem as the Libs with circular firing squads can’t stay out of their own way

  2. Gary Swing Gary Swing April 7, 2022

    Technically, the Green Party of Colorado has failed to publish the legally required required public notice of assembly in time to legally nominate any candidates for partisan offices in 2022. April 1 was the last day to publish public notice of assembly.

  3. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes April 8, 2022

    Somebody in the Green party is going to have to get with the program.
    Endorse Top Six/Level the Playing field.
    Create communication/cooperation/vote coordination with the Libertarian party.
    I am only one person. I can’t do everything.
    Perhaps it is not too late for 2022, but times a wastin.
    Get with it!
    The Libertarian Party with the help of the GP has the capability IMO to get all four on all ballots.
    LP, GP, Constitution, Reform/Alliance/Forward/Unity.
    We know the Democrats and Republicans will get on all ballots.
    The powers that be will probably not help,
    WE can control our own destiny.

  4. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes April 8, 2022

    Remember, a Green and Socialist connection is the kiss of death in America.
    Like Hawkins/Walker in 2020.
    There can be a socialist caucus within the GP, just like there can be a National Socialist caucus within the LP.
    But that is it.

  5. Sammy H Sammy H April 8, 2022

    Green Party 1% + Libertarian 2% = 51% Popular Vote in Milnes Math*

    Trademark pending in Milnescourt

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