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  1. NewFederalist NewFederalist June 1, 2022

    Not trying to start a flame war but what are the consequences for non-compliance with the above “request”?

    Just to be clear… I happen to heartily agree with Prof. Phillies on this particular matter.

  2. George Phillies George Phillies Post author | June 1, 2022

    It’s going to depend on the nature of the violation. Truly offensive posts are likely to be removed. Some posts will likely get a response telling the poster to present evidence.

  3. William Saturn William Saturn June 1, 2022

    And thus an end to the era of free speech on IPR.

  4. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly June 1, 2022

    I hope “snark” is allowed, like my signing in once as “Mises Caucus.”

    Per Saturn, and per a WEIRD 5-judge majority on SCOTUS today, this is a private site. IPR can do whatever it wants.

    And, being IRL a newspaper editor, the Florida and Texas laws against social media were blatant violations of the First Amendment. As a shadetree wannabe lawyer, they are also bills of attainder in my book, targeting specifically Facebook and Twitter even if doing that by workaround so as to not name names.

  5. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes June 2, 2022

    Iirc, I was against IPR being owned by a single (or married) individual. I preferred a more representative ownership. Multiple owners from different parties, ideologies, backgrounds etc.
    But, as usual nobody listened to me.
    George …and Austin, why don’t you just explain what is going on?
    The people in our Warren Solomon community are not stupid. Eventually they will figure it out.
    Is George a stealth terrorist?
    Does Bob Milnes need to be shut up soon because he is starting to get some traction?
    Or maybe there is a favorable ruling in the Robert Bowers case coming soon?
    The IPR community can handle it.
    Oh. Never mind.

  6. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy June 2, 2022

    Civility is a good thing and a small handful of the extremely nasty and baseless comments that have been posted on here recently are, to me, clearly over the line. And really it’s only a few comments from, probably, one or two people who’ve been repeatedly crossing that line.

    Free speech is fine. Criticism is fine. The world is not ending. lol

  7. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy June 2, 2022

    As to the ownership and future editorial structure of the site — I’ve been kind of acting as a single caretaker for IPR over the past 12-18 months. And frankly, I’m just not quite as interested in this world as I used to be. As a result, I lack the deep connections and sources to report on the inner workings of the major minor parties.

    In order to grow and thrive, IPR is going to need to evolve and expand. New contributors, new editors and a new ownership structure. Can’t share any more specific details on what the future is going to look like right at this moment, but please try to remain calm.

    It is my strong expectation that the quality and depth of coverage IPR is doing will only continue to expand and improve.

  8. Thane Eichenauer Thane Eichenauer June 2, 2022

    “You can express your opinions other than by calling each other names, and you should start doing so.”

    Agreed. Name-calling is bad.

  9. Daemon Sims Daemon Sims June 2, 2022

    Well, it was all that I could do to keep from cryin’
    Sometimes it seemed so useless to remain
    But you don’t have to call me darlin’, darlin’
    You never even call me by my name

    You don’t have to call me George Phillies
    And you don’t have to call me cyberpig
    And you don’t have to call me Robert Milnes anymore
    Even though you’re on my jerkin’ side

    And I’ll hang around as long as you will let me
    And I never minded standin’ in the rain
    But you don’t have to call me darlin’, darlin’
    You never even call me by my name

    Well, I’ve heard my name a few times in your phone book (Hello, hello)
    And I’ve seen it on signs where I’ve played
    But the only time I know I’ll hear “Daemon Allan Sims”
    Is when Jesus has his final judgment day

    So I’ll hang around as long as you will let me
    And I never minded standin’ in the rain
    But you don’t have to call me darlin’, darlin’
    You never even call me by my name

  10. George Phillies George Phillies June 3, 2022

    To advance this cause, IPR just added two new administrators. More next week.

  11. Carol Moore/ Carol Moore/ June 11, 2022

    What if the names are accurate and descriptive, like proto-fascist enabler or whatever?

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