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Harris Resigns as LNC Executive Director

Harris’s  Statement, as sent to the LNC.  His resignation letter is comment 1.  Bekah Congdon’s resignation letter is comment 3.
Activism Coordinator Michelle MacCutcheon is also departing.

Members of the national committee,

It is with heavy heart that I inform you that I have presented the chair with the attached notice that I will be leaving the role of LNC Executive Director, effective July 31st.  This will allow ample time to transition responsibilities and knowledge to appropriate parties and to see staff and LNC alike through important events such as our presence at FreedomFest and our first in-person quarterly LNC meeting.

Serving the LNC as Executive Director the past year and a half has been one of the great honors of my life, and I am proud to have led one of the best staffs the party has ever seen through one of the more tumultuous LNC terms in the party’s history.

Simultaneous to your receipt of this email, I am informing staff of my decision at our weekly all-staff meeting.  I have also received notice this week from Communications Director Bekah Congdon and Activism Coordinator Michelle MacCutcheon, with departure dates in July.  All will continue to work diligently and assist with transitioning responsibilities in the meantime.

Thank you,

Tyler Harris


  1. George Phillies George Phillies June 10, 2022

    Tyler Harris Letter of Resignation

    Mme Chair, members of the LNC, and whomever else it may concern:

    Please consider this letter sufficient written notice as stipulated under my employment agreement that my last day as LNC Executive Director will be July 31st, 2022.

    My time on staff, and particularly my time as Executive Director, has been a tremendous honor. That 2021, the only full calendar year of my term, was the most financially successful off-year in the LP’s modern history will always be a source of pride – not because of any personal credit I could claim, but because I know how much shared credit belongs to the most incredible team of professionals that I have ever had the privilege of working alongside. That it also corresponded with incredible legislative and electoral progress for the party only makes that pride swell.

    There are so many important projects and initiatives already in motion between now and November, that my initial desire was to stay and see them through. That so many of the staff I have come to respect and admire have left or are in the process of leaving their positions on LNC staff, however, has given me cause to step back and reconsider that view. I have always considered my role to be clearing away the roadblocks so that our talented political professionals can thrive in their jobs unencumbered. I am not sure there is much left here in that regard that I can effectively do.

    Further, an even bigger roadblock to our success as a party has come increasingly to my notice – gradually at first, and then brought into stark relief at our national convention and in the reactions of many long-time activists to it. We have fallen into the trap of thinking of the LNC as the Libertarian Party. But parties to be successful must be so much larger – so much more – than their national committees. We need a wide, robust, decentralized network engaging “capital-L” Libertarians all around the country in political action.

    We are already seeing the beginnings of that, but growing the Libertarian Party outside of the LNC is, naturally, not a task to which I can lend my skills in my current role. That so many of the best professionals I know have left LNC staff is disheartening. That their efforts are still professionally plied within the larger universe of the Libertarian Party gives me great hope.

    I will remain in my role through July 31st, ensuring that critical institutional knowledge is transferred to the chair, incoming EPCC, and key members of staff. This will also see the new national committee through our important presence at FreedomFest and their first full in-person meeting of the term. Additionally, it should provide sufficient time to ensure that the Libertarian National Committee, Inc. that I am leaving is recovered or well on the way to recovering from the largely self-inflicted cash crunch early in the year, and that key projects have the support they need to achieve victory in November.

    I have nothing but the best of wishes for Angela as chair. I am sure under different circumstances that our working relationship could have been an incredibly strong and productive one. I am not leaving this role to root against the Libertarian Party. Quite the opposite. When my time here is done I am excited to continue applying my skills and energies such as they are to building – always building – a stronger, wider, more vibrant LP.

    Yours always in Liberty,
    Tyler Harris

  2. Carol Moore/ Carol Moore/ June 11, 2022

    We’ve been predicting it. With all the bad media Mises takeover of LNC getting, more will surely follow if they don’t want their professional reputations ruined. That – and disgust with Mises worst abuses – are the reasons they quit.

  3. George Phillies George Phillies Post author | June 11, 2022

    Bekah Congdon’s Resignation Letter

    Dear Mr. Harris, Ms. McArdle, and the LNC,

    This serves as my official letter of resignation as the Communications Director for the Libertarian Party. It has
    been the honor of my life.

    My expected last day will be Friday, July 15th, 2022.

    I came to the Libertarian Party in the second wave of the Ron Paul Revolution. I remember sitting on my very
    progressive friend’s couch in Chicago watching the 2012 Republican Primary Debate and hearing Dr. Paul speak
    for the first time. Once home for the night I turned to Google to try to understand why everything he said
    sounded different and so much better than that coming from the other Republicans. A day later I was back at
    that same friend’s home telling her, “I think I’m a libertarian.”

    I didn’t even know there was a Libertarian Party at this time, but a few months later I took my first libertarian
    step when I wrote in Ron Paul on my presidential ballot.

    Within the next year I would move back to Texas, meet my first Libertarian friends, and start getting involved in
    my new political home. I cut my libertarian baby teeth in the Liberty Memes and Libertarian Christian Institute
    Facebook groups. I soon became the Secretary of my county party, and started baking a cake each August 20th
    to celebrate Ron Paul’s birthday. I was all in.

    But that was only the beginning of my journey. I came into the Libertarian Party still firmly gripping certain statist
    positions I couldn’t seem to let go of on my own. Looking back, I am lucky that I spent little time on Twitter back
    in those days; because it wasn’t trolling or brash responses or harsh accusations that moved me from the
    “America is the good guy in all the wars” – “We obviously need to control the border and immigrants need to get
    in line” – “If you’ve done nothing wrong the police won’t bother you” – baby libertarian, to the anti-war, free
    movement of peaceful people supporting, authority resisting, proud Libertarian that I am today.

    It was thoughtful conversations with beautiful Libertarians who took the time to understand my positions and
    gently challenge my thinking that took the spark of liberty in my heart and grew it to an unquenching flame. That
    burn for freedom guided me in the roles of County Chair, State Vice Chair, and eventually National staff.
    Throughout inter-party bickering and caucus wars, I focused on my job and my passion for communicating the
    peace and prosperity that can only come from liberty. I sought to find new ways to explain the logic of opposing
    government overreach, especially in the form of endless wars. It was then a particularly sad day when I heard a
    prominent anti-war author I had long appreciated referred to people like me – not aligned with a certain faction –
    as “a cancer that needs to be cut out” of the party. That hurt – but I don’t hero worship, so I got back to work.

    It is still time for me to remain focused. I know that I must continue using respect and empathy for my fellow
    humans of every background to point out the evil of the duopoly and light the path to liberty. My voice is not the
    voice with which this LNC wants to speak. That’s okay. I know as long as there are people being victimized by
    the state, there will be a place for my voice. I need to go find that place now.

    In Liberty and Peace,
    Bekah Congdon

  4. Bobby Bobby June 11, 2022

    Executive members resign all the time. Nothing new. If anything fresh blood is what the party needs.

  5. Troy Troy June 11, 2022

    Carol, what worst abuses? I thought you had to be civil here. Don’t just throw out comments without some substance.

  6. Carol Moore/ Carol Moore/ June 11, 2022

    Troy: Did I not link this here? Just a tiny taste of a number of abuses. Except for medical issues with hands, for last four months, I’d have had a 60 page website up by now on history, issues, abuses and most obnoxious personalities of a very rapey ‘take over’ group.

  7. Joe Wendt Joe Wendt June 15, 2022

    How much you guys want to bet they’ll appoint some Tom Woods-esque Blood and Soil idiot as the new Executive Director

  8. Phillies, Owner Phillies, Owner June 15, 2022

    Commenters are reminded that civility is required.

  9. Jared Jared June 27, 2022

    Bobby: “Executive members resign all the time. Nothing new. If anything fresh blood is what the party needs.”

    “Newer is better” is a left-wing mindset. Unless you know why you want to remove or replace something, you might want to consider what purpose that something was serving and how well it was doing its job. (see Chesterton’s fence)

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