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LNC Shrinks Ballot Access Committee

In related news, LNC Chair McArdle removed Jennifer Moore from the LNC Ballot Access Committee, because Moore was assisting the Pennsylvania Keystone Party in putting its candidates for statewide office on the ballot.  The Pennsylvania Libertarian Party at its state convention had voted NOTA for these offices, but the Pennsylvania Libertarian State Committee has apparently decided to override its state convention.

In response to our inquiries Jennifer Moore wrote:

“Yes, Angela [Ed:McArdle] emailed me to inform me that I was being removed yesterday because my work with Keystone is a conflict of interest in her perception. Mysterious “non-Mises” LNC members brought it to her attention.

“I am a lifetime member of both the PA and National Libertarian Party. My friends Joe and Nicole are running under the Keystone banner because the LPPA NOTA’D them and chose to run no candidates for Governor and Lt Governor at convention. Their board has since nominated people for those positions in violation of their own bylaws.

“PA does not intend to ask for LNC ballot access assistance this year and I do not feel helping my friends gain the ballot causes a conflict in any of the other 49 states. My removal was likely politically motivated because I am not Mises. In fact, Mises members often endorse Republicans, and they do not get purged from the party for a lack of partisanship.

“As far as Keystone, there will be candidates running for Governor, Lt Governor and US Senate in opposition to the LP. There are also a few dozen down ballot candidates running for state house. I’m not sure if there are Libertarians in those districts.

“A generous donor helped us with a telemarketing campaign to ask Libertarians to change their registration and run with us in early April. The deadline to change parties and run Keystone was Easter.
“Independents can still launch campaigns. We have a text drive in the works to recruit more candidates that way.
“The Keystone platform is classical liberal and based on government reform.
“We require 10,000 signatures to make the ballot statewide this year. We have until August 1st. Our biggest barrier is that we are still small. Any suggestions that you could make for fundraising would be much appreciated. We have about 10 solid activists who have pledged 500 signatures, but will likely need a paid drive to supplement.

“Let me know if there is anything else I can answer.”

We are advised that Chris Thrasher, Matthew Bughman, and Jake Leonard have resigned from the Ballot Access Committee.








  1. Andy Andy June 9, 2022

    Jennifer Moore quit the Libertarain Party right after the 2022 Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Convention, which was held in early March. She in fact did not even show up at this convention, even though she was the sitting State Chair. She put out an announcement that she was quitting the party and that she was switching her voter registration to something other than Libertarian.

    Incidentally, I had a communication with Jennifer Moore back in November of last year, and she actually admitted to me that the Ballot Access Committee has only met twice that term, as of November of last year, and that it accomplished nothing important, and that she did not even really know what all was going on with ballot access, and that I actually had to fill her in on what was happening.

  2. Andy Andy June 9, 2022

    NEWSFLASH: The Ballot Access Committee does not really do much of anything anyway, and most of the people who have been appointed to it know little to nothing about ballot access, so it is not like they really add anything anyway.

    The Ballot Access Committee has basically been a joke for most of its 10 year existence. The only time it really did anything I would define as productive was during the 6 months that Ken Moellman was the Chairman of it in 2016.

    Maybe this will finally change with the current LNC. We shall see.

  3. Jenn Moore Jenn Moore June 14, 2022

    To clear up what seem to be some misunderstandings: I did decline to Chair the LPPA convention and resign from my position on the LPPA Board of Directors. This decision was not made lightly, but continued involvement carried significant professional and personal liability, which I felt was unreasonable for a volunteer position. I have outlined my reasoning extensively in other venues. I did not renounce my state or national membership and there were actually two committees that I elected to stay and help. I was removed from both.

    In regards to the ballot access committee. I am incredibly honored to have been a part of 50 state ballot access and have worked on such an incredible team. I will also say, this was a group that avoided meetings that could have been an email. An incredible amount of work was done by this team. In regards to the conversation that Mr. Jacobs referenced with me, I was actually tasked with reacting out to him to find out his status because there was concern that he was not communicating his petitioning results appropriately. He gave me a great deal more information than I needed or wanted, but that is often the case when communicating with petitioners. I was grateful to learn at that time that he was in location and actively petitioning and pass that information along.

  4. Jenn Moore Jenn Moore June 14, 2022

    In regards to the Keystone Party: Our ballot access drive is moving along and we have two paid petitioners currently in the field. I am not managing this drive, but I am assisting. Keystone is a coalition of independents, and I am incredibly excited about the project. This team brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. The party was originally formed as a mechanism to put a couple of great candidates that we believe in on the ballot, but the positive momentum that this group is building has made it much more. To read the current platform or make a donation you can visit

  5. NewFederalist NewFederalist June 14, 2022

    Jenn- Where is Chuck Moulton in all this? Thanks.

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