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  1. NewFederalist NewFederalist August 31, 2022

    If I’m not mistaken Rep. Gabbard is a Hindu. That would make it interesting for her given the Bible-centric nature of the CP.

  2. Floyd Whitley Floyd Whitley August 8, 2022

    Late afternoon yesterday, Mr. Ray Writz, Constitution Party of Idaho (CP-Idaho) candidate for US Senator, showed up at our farmhouse door…unannounced. Out of courtesy, I extended cordiality during the half hour or so conversation at the kitchen table. But admittedly, I was a bit miffed at the unexpected visit.

    We had already made family plans here on The W. Those plans included grilling Chorizos and enjoying a few drams of quality single malt scotch. They did not include politics or political candidates. Ah well. Expectations of social norms aside, Mr. Writz found his way to our doorstep because he was passing through, enroute from Twin Falls to his home in Coeur d’ Alene. A long drive. I suppose Mr. Writz divided the drive at about the midway point…give or take at our place.

    Evidently, CP-Idaho held its 2022 State Convention in Twin Falls this past weekend. That was news news to me…expectations of notice aside. Over the past couple months, I have watched for, and seen no, media announcing the 2022 State Convention. The most current post on the party’s website dates to 22 March 2022, reporting the 2022 midterm slate of CP-Idaho candidates–prior to the May primary (CP-Idaho governor’s race being contested).

    On CP-Idaho’s facebook page, newer posts do exist, but as far as I could tell, nothing announced the time and place of State Convention, nor amendments and resolutions. Generally, its facebook comments are inane memes–shallow sloganeering on subjects about which most of CP-Idaho lack even the rudimentary requisites to discuss intelligently anyhow; e.g. inflation.

    I rely upon hearsay from Mr. Writz, in toto, from yesterday’s kitchen table conversation to report:

    (1) CP-Idaho elected its 2022-2024 state officers (when or whether the state party will officially announce these elections is unknown to me).
    (2) The 2022 Convention was again poorly attended (lack of advanced notice notwithstanding). This non-participation is doubtlessly frustrating given CP-Idaho has over 4000 registered voters statewide, few of whom participate, and fewer still contribute…the perennial problem irrespective of state party administration.
    (3) Mr. Writz seemed to indicate no bylaws or platform amendments were motioned or adopted. So presumably, the existing bylaws and platform are carried over intact for 2022-2024.
    (4) Whether a State of the State Party address was given at Convention setting forth goals and objectives for 2022-2024 is unclear. Mr. Writz as Treasurer said he did present, pro forma, the state party’s financials. He was made aware of errors in the recently filed August 2022 State C-2 report, and said the errors would be amended.
    (5) Lastly, and perhaps most interestingly, the 2022 State Convention withheld its endorsement of Mr. Marvin (aka “Pro Life Pro Life”) Richardson as candidate for Lieutenant Governor. I am not privy to any specifics on the non-endorsement of Mr. Richardson. Indeed until yesterday, I knew nothing of it. Irrespective of the state party’s withheld endorsement, Mr. Richardson remains upon the state ballot for this November midterm (pursuant to a similar 2014 finding made by the former Deputy Secretary of State).

  3. Floyd Whitley Floyd Whitley July 27, 2022

    *Two names on that list are surprising–Kinzinger (R-IL) and Pocan (D-WI).

    Should read: Two names on the Not Voting list are surprising–Kinzinger (R-IL) and Pocan (D-WI).

  4. Floyd Whitley Floyd Whitley July 27, 2022

    Both of Idaho’s Republican US Representatives–Fulcher, Simpson–voted Aye on HR. 6552 yesterday (June 26, 2022).

    The bill [Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act of 2022] should have been a more or less routine re-authorization of the original 2000 measure to combat sex trafficking and modern slavery. However, 20 hard core Trumpetista House reprobates voted against it. I would like to hear their justification, given they say they are for “law and order”. Gaetz’s explanation need no explanation. His motive is clear, being under investigation for sex trafficking of an underage female. [If Mr. Gaetz had any integrity, he should have recused himself from voting this specific re-authorization measure…but he doesn’t.]

    Here’s the rogues gallery. I include those who lacked the courage to vote contrary to the extremist wing of the GOP. Two names on that list are surprising–Kinzinger (R-IL) and Pocan (D-WI). The rest are the usual Trumpetista hypocrite suspects who cry for “law and order” and yet vote against it when given the opportunity to represent law and order.

    Babin Republican Texas Nay
    Biggs Republican Arizona Nay
    Boebert Republican Colorado Nay
    Brooks Republican Alabama Nay
    Buck Republican Colorado Nay
    Clyde Republican Georgia Nay
    Gaetz Republican Florida Nay
    Gohmert Republican Texas Nay
    Gosar Republican Arizona Nay
    Greene (GA) Republican Georgia Nay
    Harris Republican Maryland Nay
    Hice (GA) Republican Georgia Nay
    Massie Republican Kentucky Nay
    McClintock Republican California Nay
    Miller (IL) Republican Illinois Nay
    Nehls Republican Texas Nay
    Norman Republican South Carolina Nay
    Perry Republican Pennsylvania Nay
    Roy Republican Texas Nay
    Taylor Republican Texas Nay

    Franklin, C. Scott Republican Florida Not Voting
    Hartzler Republican Missouri Not Voting
    Hollingsworth Republican Indiana Not Voting
    Kinzinger Republican Illinois Not Voting
    Pocan Democratic Wisconsin Not Voting
    Posey Republican Florida Not Voting
    Rosendale Republican Montana Not Voting
    Webster (FL) Republican Florida Not Voting
    Zeldin Republican New York Not Voting

    In my view, third party candidates should highlight this in these 20 districts

  5. Jordan Willow Evans Jordan Willow Evans July 22, 2022

    Hi, @Root’s Teeth Are Awesome! Thanks for posting on Independent Political Report. We should have a list of all the open threads on the lefthand sidebar. Are they not listing correctly?

  6. Root's Teeth Are Awesome Root's Teeth Are Awesome July 22, 2022

    Perhaps all the open threads should be put into a permanent spot on the sidebar? Otherwise, it might get confusing, with so many open threads scrolling down as new articles appear.

  7. Johno Johno July 21, 2022

    Isn’t a Constitution candidate running in Wyoming?

  8. Floyd Whitley Floyd Whitley July 21, 2022

    @ Jordan Willow Evans:

    I was the state chairman in Idaho, yes.

    As for writing about my experiences in the role of a political outsider looking in, I entertained doing that a time or two…and then, thankfully–mercifully perhaps–I returned to my senses.

    I am uncertain much interest exists in such a project, to be honest. Having +/- retired from most matters political, I have taken to sojourning in Scotland over Eastertide, a spiritual quest of a sort.

    I do attempt to post up current commentary on these sojourns in the personal blog (website) that is linked under Name.

  9. Jordan Willow Evans Jordan Willow Evans July 21, 2022

    Hi Floyd, thanks for providing the additional context. I’ve been wanting to see more coverage of the Constitution Party for this very reason. You were formally the affiliate chair, right? Would you ever be interested in writing on internal affairs or your experiences?

  10. Floyd Whitley Floyd Whitley July 21, 2022

    The CP-Idaho 2022 candidate slate was posted by way of an indirect response to comments posted elsewhere on your site; i.e. “LNC Investigates LP New Mexico”. Proposals were theorized regarding a “take over” of the Constitution Party by one or more factions of disaffected Libertarians. Several responses questioned the alleged “logic” of such an attempt, as do I.

    CP-Idaho statewide voter registrations currently rest at 4,036 as of 8 July 2022. This candidate slate (of the unaffiliated Idaho party) cannot be considered “ballot access” by the national party.

    The point being, the Constitution Party is not monolithic as some presume. Nor is its ballot access structure necessarily truthfully reported. Many alleged state affiliates are merely shells. Kings of nothing as it were.

  11. George Phillies George Phillies Post author | July 20, 2022

    There is no income for me here, but thanks for your praise of our open threads, and thanks for the interesting news from Idaho.

  12. Floyd Whitley Floyd Whitley July 20, 2022

    In the hope of substantive information, the following submission is the midterm election candidate slate for November 2022 of the (unaffiliated) Constitution Party of Idaho. [Number indicates Legislative District contested]:

    State Senate:
    James Hartley C – State Senator 6
    Kurtis Berger C – State Senator 11
    Kirsten Richardson C – State Senator 14
    Monica McKinley C – State Senator 21
    Brendan Gomez C – State Senator 22
    Paul Thompson C – State Senator 25

    State House:
    Steven Feil C – State Rep A 8
    Tony Ullrich C – State Rep B 8
    Petre Danaila C – State Rep A 13
    Sarah Clendenon C – State Rep B 15
    Daniel Weston C – State Rep A 21

    State Executive:
    Chantyrose Davison C – Governor
    Marvin Richardson (aka Pro-life Pro-Life) C – Lt Governor
    Miste Gardner C – State Controller

    Raymond J. Writz C – US Senator

  13. Floyd Whitley Floyd Whitley July 20, 2022

    Huh. Ignoring pecuniary motive (e.g. generating online traffic), by setting up an open thread, Phillies is doing more for the (national) Constitution Party than the party seems willing to do for itself. Go figure.

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