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LNC Announces Subcommittee Appointments; Harlos and Amash Among Those Named

Libertarian National Committee Chair Angela McArdle announced member appointments yesterday afternoon to the Ballot Access Committee, Ballot Access Advisory Committee, and ad hoc Ballot Access Research Committee, among others.

Names were made publicly available on the LNC list and included a number of prominent Libertarian Party members including former Michigan Congressman Justin Amash and LNC Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos. Subcommittee appointments are decided upon by members of the Libertarian National Committee and a list of specific vote totals has yet to be made available to the public.

There still exist a handful of vacancies that need to be filled with application forms underway. For example, appointments to the Platform and Credential Committees cannot start until next year due to time restrictions set in place by national party bylaws.

Appointments announced yesterday afternoon include the following names to the respective subcommittees:

  • The Audit Committee includes Laura Hackenburg, Amity Pickeral, and LNC member Rich Bowen;
  • The Candidate Support Committee includes Tyler Bargenquast, Brandon Davis, Joshua Toms, Theodore Kosin, and LNC members Robley Hall, Joshua Clarke, and Dustin Blankenship;
  • The Affiliate Support Committee includes Jacob Bradley, Rob Coburn, Noah Rhya, and LNC members Linnea Gabbard, Andrew Watkins, Robley Hall, and Pat Ford who will serve as chair;
  • The Ballot Access Committee will include Helen Gilson, Max Phillips, Ken Moellman, and LNC members Caryn Ann Harlos, Rich Bowen, and Dustin Nanna who will serve as chair;
  • The Ballot Access Advisory Committee will include Andrew Jacobs and Justin Amash;
  • And the ad hoc Ballot Access Research Committee will include Travis Bost, Evan Grimes, and Jeffery Schull.

While the vast majority of these appointments are to permanent LNC-created standing committees, the ad hoc Ballot Access Research Committee is a temporary entity organized to assist the Ballot Access Committee until the end of 2022 or when the committee “completes their research and delivers the results to the Ballot Access Committee, whichever is the latter.”

Responsibilities of the ad hoc Ballot Access Research Committee include researching legislative and lobbying opportunities for ballot access in Tennessee and Georgia, as well as an additional third state of the subcommittee’s own choosing. Further examples of research outlined by the LNC include analyses of historic Libertarian Party ballot access efforts, state lobbying viability, and past ballot access attempts made by other parties and special interest groups.

Independent Political Report will update this article with additional information and vote totals when they become available.