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  1. George Phillies George Phillies Post author | August 11, 2022

    Interesting question. What is the point of pursuing these feuds with states at this time? Some states can appoint members to convention committees, but that is a long time from now. States can appoint delegates to the next National Convention, but that’s nearly two years from now. The decision does determine who hears from the National Party about new national members, but the supply of new national members, at least last month, was somewhat modest.

    Perhaps the answer is ‘Because we can’, making this a war to the knife, in which the objective is to destroy the opposition. In this final case, it is a waste of time for the targeted state organization to present a case to the LNC, because the decision has effectively already been made.

  2. NewFederalist NewFederalist August 9, 2022

    I guess state parties serve at the pleasure of the Leninist Caucus. Bummer!

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