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Pennsylvania Parties Advance

The Keystone Party of Pennsylvania, under the leadership of Chair Gus Tatlas, has placed on the ballot candidates for state and local office. Joe Soloski (pictured) is their candidate for Governor, while Nicole Shultz is their candidate for Lieutenant Governor. The Keystone Party candidate for U.S. Senate is Dan Wassmer. Keystone Party Candidates for State Representative include Kristine Cousler Womack in District 93 and David Kocur in District 104.

Green Party candidates for statewide office are Christina “PK” DiGiulio for Governor, Michael Badges-Canning for Lieutenant Governor, and Richard Weiss for U.S. Senate.

Jonathan Hackenburg is the Libertarian candidate for Governor with Timothy McMaster as his running mate. Erik Gerhardt is the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate.

In addition, write-in candidates for U.S. Senate are Ronald Johnson (Constitution Party), Quincy Magee (Independent), and Everett Stern (Independent).

Other candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and U.S. Senator are, respectively, Democrats Josh Shapiro, Austin Davis, and John Fetterman, and Republicans Doug Mastriano, Carrie DelRosso, and Mehmet Oz.


  1. Jared Jared August 24, 2022


    They seem quite libertarian to me, albeit without taking a hardline ideological approach. Which parts of their platform do you strongly object to?

  2. Jared Jared August 22, 2022

    Is that portrait supposed to make Soloski look like a buffoonish amateur? If so, mission accomplished.

  3. Gus Tatlas Gus Tatlas August 22, 2022

    I never considered myself political anything but an Independent looking for collaboration opportunities to solve problems. The Keystone Party was formed by people from various points of view. I personally don’t subscribe to a political philosophy.

  4. Anastasia Beaverhausen Anastasia Beaverhausen August 19, 2022

    Yes, I read their positions and ideas on their website. They’re not remotely Libertarian.

  5. Ryan Retone Ryan Retone August 18, 2022

    While several of us were members of the Libertarian party, the Keystone Party has taken a more moderate, reasoned stance. We consider ourselves a group of united independents first and foremost. I highly recommend checking out our Facebook page or website for a great breakdown of what we’re fighting for.

  6. Keystone Rep Keystone Rep August 18, 2022

    The Keystone party was NOT only formed by non-Mises Libertarians. We are a coalition of independents concerned with solving real world issues rather than debating philosophy. We are not Libertarian offshoots, we are not LP2.0. We are our own thing.

  7. George Phillies George Phillies Post author | August 18, 2022

    It was formed by the non-Mises Libertarians when the Mises group took over the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party.

  8. NewFederalist NewFederalist August 18, 2022

    Is the Keystone Party a libertarian offshoot?

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