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LNC Votes to Disaffiliate New Mexico Libertarian Party

Readers will recall that the LP of New Mexico had previously disaffiliated itself from the Libertarian National Committee.

Harlos: Amend agenda to take New Mexico motion now.  Passed without objection.

McArdle: We advance to the New Mexico disaffiliation motion was noticed by Michael Duque.  The motion was workshopped by many LNC meetings.  We have had many meetings and avoided being hasty.  There seems to be a sentiment on the LNC for disaffiliation.  National members in New Mexico who were polled successfully did not support disaffiliation.  LPNM did not respond to us.

Nanna: We were unable to poll LPNM members.  I urge a no vote.

Harlos: Poll asked if state party should disaffiliate.  Harlos complains that the LPNM did not share their membership information with us.  She Calls LPNM a rogue board running away with assets.  Called question.  Objections voiced

Vote needed. 2/3 required.  The vote was 3-8-4 against calling the question.

McArdle tried to recognize Tuniewicz.  Harlos objects at great length. McArdle asks for a citation.  Chair found the objection well-taken.

Bowen (I think): I will support.  LPNM wanted disaffiliation, and we should give it to them.  We may be taking on additional legal costs to protect trademarks.  We may have others disaffiliating and must protect trademarks.

Ecklund (I think): I must reluctantly support. I want to recognize NM members and protect them.

Hagopian: Calls the question. No objection.

Roll call vote: Harlos gives a fine explanation of how bylaws work. 3/4 vote of entire LNC needed.  14-1-2  Motion passes.  New Mexico has been disaffiliated.



  1. Ryan Ryan September 13, 2022

    “Doesn’t this TECHNICALLY mean Gary Johnson is no longer affiliated with the Libertarian Party?”

    Well, there’s 2 Libertarian Parties here, so which one do you mean, the Libertarian Party of New Mexico or the national Libertarian Party? If the former, then unless he left the party in the last few years, he’s still a member. If the latter, the answer is yes unless he chooses to become a member of the national party.

    Some states also give the option of you can join the state party and you can join the national party if you wish, but it’s not required if you just want to be a member of the state party. My state party does that setup.

    Considering that for the Libertarians the only thing being a member of the national party gets you is the right to be a delegate to a national convention every 2 years that only a fraction of members ever do, and all the real action politically in this country barring the presidential election occurs at the state level (that’s true for the Republicans and Democrats as well), it’s a valid state of membership.

  2. E Pluribus Unum E Pluribus Unum September 13, 2022

    Doesn’t this TECHNICALLY mean Gary Johnson is no longer affiliated with the Libertarian Party?

  3. Andy Craig Andy Craig September 12, 2022

    If LPNM had already disaffiliated from the LNC, then there’s nothing to appeal to the LNC’s Judicial Committee. LPNM has no more standing to file such an appeal challenging the LNC’s action than would the Green Party of Montana or the Republican Party of Hawaii.

    Besides, there’s the practical problem that the LNC will use that to claim LPNM has submitted to the LNC’s jurisdiction on the matter and argue as much to the state. That’s the mistake Delaware made, even as much as they strenuosly denied it all their filings. And there’s no real doubt how a JC that’s 100% Mises Caucus cronies will “rule.” It’s a general principle that you shouldn’t try to gain the benefit of a process whose outcome you don’t intend to abide by if it goes the other way, and LPNM’s (correct) position is they don’t care what the LNC or its JC says, because LPNM isn’t affiliated with the LNC any more.

    I think it would be a mistake to for LPNM, or any state party really, to try filing JC appeals at this point. It’s either get out or submit, that’s the binary choice every state party faces now.

  4. Jared Jared September 12, 2022

    “You can’t quit…. You’re fired!”

  5. George Phillies George Phillies Post author | September 12, 2022

    At the Direction of the National Chair, the Secretary of the LNC has dutifully and appropriately advised LPNM of its right to appeal its disaffiliation by the LNC to the Judicial Committee. That was her job.

    LPNM should consider doing so, the grounds being that ‘We already disaffiliated, so the act is a nullity and did not happen’, ‘State Parties have the right to disaffiliate’, and ‘Good Libertarians support secession’.

    The Treasurer’s warning that the budget is out of line with reality, because income did not meet plan, should be taken more seriously than it seemed to be.

  6. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp September 12, 2022

    No, the Libertarian Party of New Mexico has not “been disaffiliated” by the LNC.

    The Libertarian Party of New Mexico had already disaffiliated itself from the LNC.

    This was just an attempt by the LNC to convince others (maybe even itself) that its recognition of former affiliates’ actions is somehow required for those actions to be valid. That’s not the case.

    Harlos is right about there being a “rogue board.” That rogue board is the Libertarian National Committee.

    I wonder if the LNC will really waste its decreasing donor funds on trying to defend its fraudulent trademark claim against the actual Libertarian Parties which “own” the name “Libertarian Party” in their respective states. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

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