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Two Libertarians Qualify for Ballot in New Hampshire Gubernatorial Race

New Hampshire voters will see two Libertarian choices for Governor on the November general election ballot. 

Kelly Halldorson and Dr. Karlyn Borysenko have met the requirements to appear on the ballot under the Libertarian line. Both candidates had to submit a minimum of 3,000 valid signatures. Neither nomination faced any challenges in the objection period.

While the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire is a formal corporation, it is not a recognized political party under state law. As a result, both candidates are allowed to appear on the November ballot under the same designation. For the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, a Libertarian candidate must earn four percent of the total vote in the gubernatorial or senate election to secure party recognition.

Staff with the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office confirmed in a phone call with Independent Political Report that both candidates would have their vote totals combined to determine party recognition. 

Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, an organizational psychologist and author of Actively Unwoke: The Ultimate Guide for Fighting Back Against the Woke Insanity in Your Life, received the endorsement of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire at their January 2022 state convention. She has since worked closely with Libertarian candidate for US Senate Jeremy Kauffman and other state party organizers to collect and turn in the required signatures.

Borysenko is a strong critic of public education, and her platform frequently denounces what she calls “state indoctrination.” She pledges to mandate cameras in public school classrooms, create a “blue ribbon commission” to expand homeschool access, and defund state-funded programs with “equity” in the title. She additionally includes support for New Hampshire secession and the legalization of marijuana and psychedelics. 

Borysenko is an avid user of YouTube, where she still talks heavily on many of these topics. She previously operated a campaign account on Twitter but was recently suspended by the social networking platform. 

Halldorson, a Rye-based consultant, also qualified to appear on the ballot as a Libertarian candidate. A combined effort of campaign volunteers and contractors saw Halldorson submit more than 4,000 signatures. Speaking to the Patch in early August, Halldorson said that she entered the race when she felt the election needed a “liberty option.” 

In her platform, Halldorson also focuses on education and school choice. For Halldorson, funding should follow students, and districts should become more competitive. In addition, the choice of public school, private school, and homeschooling should be accessible to every family.

Halldorson also touches upon healthcare and housing reform. She advocates for complete patient control over healthcare, citing expanded options in telehealth, price transparency, and access to cost-saving prevention. She additionally denounces what she calls “archaic” zoning laws and instead proposes mixed-zoning as a response to the New Hampshire housing crisis. 

Halldorson has approached campaigning in a more traditional sense. More recently, she traveled across New Hampshire in a series of “whistlestop tours,” meeting with voters while submitting election documents to various municipal offices. 

Disclaimers: The author of this article is an associate of the consulting agency that assisted Kelly Halldorson but was not involved with petitioning or campaign organizing. Dr. Karlyn Borysenko also filmed the author of this article in a video later uploaded on the Actively Unwoke channel.

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