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The Libertarian Party Looks to What Comes Next

With the midterm election behind the Libertarian National Committee, the Libertarian National Committee is now looking forward to what comes next. “We’re not giving up,” McArdle said recently in an interview with ReasonTV, adding that she’s looking at historical trends, membership, the budget, and ballot access. “I believe that we can go higher than 2020. I want us to be absolutely savage when we engage in the political process but grounded in reality.”

Speaking with Nick Gillespie and Zach Weissmueller, McArdle shared her plans to collaborate with the leadership of the Movement for a People’s Party, an organization associated with Jimmy Dore. “We’re working on a giant anti-war party together on January 15,” she said. McArdle also stated the this larger effort will include members of the Green Party. To McArdle, she is seeing a resurgence of some of the older political alliances of the past.

McArdle also expressed her excitement for upcoming internship programs, including working more with the new Youth Caucus chair. “I don’t think there’s been a strong and concerted effort to engage with the youth in the past ten years,” she stated. “It’s going to be on me that the National Party is working closely with people interested in youth engagement.

It’s important to note that the official Libertarian Party website has a section dedicated to youth outreach on college campuses. “James W. Lark, III is our campus coordinator,” it reads. Likewise, LPedia, a collaborative, running history of the Libertarian Party managed by the LP’s Historical Preservation Committee, reads, “Dr Lark is the Local Affiliate Parties’ Committee chairman and is heavily involved with campus outreach, both for Virginia and the national party. He has conducted organizing tours and workshops on this. He currently teaches a campus organizing course for the Libertarian Leadership School.”

The Chair of the LNC also looked forward to studying what the Republican and Democratic Parties are doing to influence further how the Libertarian Party responds. “This strategy is a little bit of a moving target,” McArdle said. “We’re going to have to make adjustments. That is going to be really telling and revealing for us, but we need to distinguish ourselves very strongly from both parties moving forward in 2024.”

Referencing potential Republican challengers, she sees Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as vulnerable over his positions on foreign aid for Israel and the war. Whereas for Donald Trump, she sees his enthusiasm for revenge as his most significant flaw.

Between the midterms and 2024, McArdle says the LNC will follow a strategic plan to capture the membership numbers in the late 90s and early 2000s. She attributed dwindling numbers in the early 2000s to 9/11 but sees a return to a robust membership as essential for more donors, candidates, and volunteers. McArdle also discussed a few hot issues that are popular topics within modern Libertarian discourse, including secession and the “National Divorce,” bold messaging such as NH Senate candidate Jeremy Kauffman’s “War is Gay” campaign ad, and being critical of the rise in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

‘My personal view is that “Wokeism” is Mainstreet Marxism,’ she stated. Regarding humor and trolling as a form of messaging in the modern Libertarian Party, McArdle sees the party as able to accommodate both while remaining a serious organization before calling some of Kauffman’s recent videos “impressive.”

On the question of ballot access, McArdle considers it a necessary tool to elevate the message during a presidential cycle. To that end, she says the Libertarian National Committee will look at individual strategies to see what works best in specific areas, such as lobbying or legal action, and work with other third parties where applicable. When asked if she had any favorite candidates going into the 2024 presidential cycle, McArdle named Dave Smith, calling him a “skilled messenger,” but said that as Chair, she would be “really open” to working with anyone who receives the nomination.

The original interview is viewable in its entirety here or can be found on ReasonTV.

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Jordan Willow Evans

Jordan is the managing editor for Independent Political Report. She has appeared on ABC News, NBC Boston, Sky News, BNT 1, and numerous local outlets. She is a proponent of civic inclusion and awareness and was featured in Represent: The Woman’s Guide to Running for Office and Changing the World and the Worcester Historical Museum exhibit PRETTY POWERFUL: 100 Years of Voting & Style.


  1. Jared Jared November 23, 2022

    If the LNC’s attack plan against DeSantis is to criticize his support for foreign aid to Israel—if they see that as his greatest vulnerability as a presidential candidate—then they shouldn’t waste their resources. That strategy might work for a population teeming with Scott Hortons, but most voters are not as obsessively anti-Zionist as their caucus’s official unofficial foreign policy advisor.

    Not that any of it matters. The Chair has already publicly conceded the 2024 presidential race on Dave Smith’s behalf, while the Secretary is busy posting APB friendly reminders that the Libertarian Party is essentially a vehicle for moral education, not for winning elections.

  2. Anastasia Beaverhausen Anastasia Beaverhausen November 23, 2022

    Using Republican dog-whistle insults like “Woke” won’t do one bit to “distinguish ourselves very strongly” from the Republican Party, especially with the bit about opposing diversity, equity and inclusion.

  3. Jared Jared November 15, 2022

    NF: “Dave Smith? Really?”

    McArdle awkwardly avoided admitting to Reason that Amash would make a decent LP presidential candidate, as her caucus has already decided the alleged comic with no political experience will be the nominee. They grossly overestimate Smith’s popularity and charisma.

  4. Michael Francis Gilson ("M.G.") Michael Francis Gilson ("M.G.") November 15, 2022

    Very nice, Ms. Evans….thank you.

    Good one by McArdle…

    To be perfectly correct, Marx would in his prime likely view the critical race, gender division, anti- “deplorable MAGA blue collars, ” PC and ‘wokeist’ warriors as at worst lumpenproletariat poseurs and best utterly off-mission of engaging the workers or developing leaisure tech–and have them shot.

    In Red China the PLA hard-liners certainly feel so, viewing the ‘white left’ as a threat or at least, distracting nincompoops.

    In truth the farther left is always about 50 years behind us and mangle things, trying to weoponize voluntary options confusing allowing the new with pprohibiting the old…then the farthe-right in another 50 years work off the rough edges and things get adopted en masse.

    Fortunately for Wokeists–We gentle L/libertarians hand them The Quiz…

    I concur that Jim Lark has done wonders in catalyzing campus self-leadership, including his work bringing about e.g. SFL.


    USLP developed a plan for a sister entity to raise money for campus outreach and make them lifetime local clubs.

    It’s in the archives somewhere, along with manuals and an excellent how-to guide by Jim—unless it got lost the last time they decided to move LP HQ.

  5. NewFederalist NewFederalist November 15, 2022

    Dave Smith? Really?

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