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Forward Party to Bring Together more than 300 State Leaders for First Ever National Summit

Aurora, CO – The Forward Party today announced its first ever National State Leads Summit, bringing hundreds of dedicated, grassroots party leaders together under the theme ‘The Future is Forward: A Better Vision for America.’ The summit, taking place June 22nd–25th in Aurora, Colorado, will be the first ever national convening of state leaders working to establish the Forward Party as a major party to rival the Republicans and Democrats.

These leaders are convening to work with the national party to chart out and ratify a path forward for the Forward Party. Planning for the summit is being spearheaded by a committee of state leaders elected by their peers. The roughly 300 state leaders and volunteers will be joined by a diverse contingent of prominent figures from the political, business, entertainment, and media worlds.

In less than a year, the Forward Party has already gained some level of party recognition in 6 states (CA, FL, ME, NC, NV, TX), with many more states at work gathering signatures and registering voters in order to gain legal recognition and ballot access. Tens of thousands of volunteers are working to build out the party’s membership across the country, and current elected officials are already starting to associate with the Party by calling themselves Forward Democrats and Republicans.

“This summit is America’s first chance to see how a new kind of politics can work for them,” said party Co-Chair and former Governor Christine Todd Whitman. “Political conventions have become theater, with decisions pushed down on the voters without their input. But the Forward Party is leading from the ground up, and this summit reflects our commitment to putting power back in the hands of the people.”

“This summit reflects our deep commitment to building a party from the ground up,” said Managing Director for Communities and Building, Joel Searby. “From an organizing committee elected by the state leads themselves, to the choice of Aurora, Colorado, as the location, this is a movement rooted in our communities, not Washington, DC.”

“I can’t wait to be in a room full of some of Democracy’s newest and brightest leaders,” said party Co-Chair Andrew Yang. “People are hungry for a new and better politics in America, and that’s exactly what people can expect to see at our Summit in Colorado. This will be an historic moment for American politics, and a turning point for our country.”

Contact [email protected] to request media credentials for the Summit, or to schedule an interview with state leaders, summit organizers, or state or national surrogates.

The release was originally issued on Wednesday, April 14, 2023. You can read it on the official Forward Party website here.


  1. GP:

    “Newberry, Florida Mayor Jordan Marlowe announced his switch to the Forward Party. Marlowe, mayor for the past 12 years, was a registered Libertarian.”

    FYI the LPF and USLP used to query officials if they were interested in Libertarian ideas –catching a lot of the CATO types, for example–and also matched against registration lists.

    One must be proactive in publicizing officials and providing recognition and TLC. Not sure this is happening as it should in the LPF/LNC/many state LP’s. Otherwise officials might think no one cares.

    He is in the LPF website list but not the USLP. This mayor did not appear as in office at the USLP site.

    It may be the mayor feels his work consistent with Forward and libertarian activity.

  2. George Phillies May 3, 2023

    With hat tips to several folks for the news, the Forward Party just picked up their first elected official.

    Newberry, Florida Mayor Jordan Marlowe announced his switch to the Forward Party. Marlowe, mayor for the past 12 years, was a registered Libertarian.
    Source: Main Street Daily News of Gainesville.

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